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Seldfie Shot Song

Published on Aug 5, 2014 Official Youtube release of "Selfie Shot" the video and song. Having fun snapping and posing!!! Don't have to be vane or insane..everyone's doing the selfie shot, from the Pope to the President.

New Instrumental Tune

Being the vampire night owl seeking light; I created a new instrumental tune entitled "Nakeya". I'm trying it out. I may sing or do some spoken words to this vibe or leave it as it is. I want to set a certain mood. Take a listen and you tell me...Any Collaborators?

For All Fathers and Men who will become Fathers

My Father:(Spoken Word) About a child and an imagination of a father they has never seen. Although this scenario is widespread across the nation, It is not meant to degrade the character of a man, but to make us conscience of life, family, choices and feelings! Happy Father's Day!