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35,000 Fans on ReverbNation

the trail to 35,000 fans has been interesting, although they dropped me 495,000 spots I have pushed hard through the whole month of March getting back to the top 800 and we will be pushing the rest of the month to hit the 35,000 fan mark on here in process of doing so. I am taking screen shots of my Band Equity and my Band Equity is currently at 74,000 and it is going up over 200 points per day so look out , Peace Ziplok

34,000 Fans on ReverbNation

taking almost all of the first 3 months off ReverbNation I have noticed they had put me down a bit so I jumped back on here and got my ReverbNation game back on and by the end of March we should be looking at a cool 35,000. currently Ziplok is ranked 1,036th i will be putting up screenshots of my band equity and we will be at the top of the charts by the summertime.. #23 in Rap in the United States and we are still pushing.

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30,000 Fans on ReverbNation

Thanks to everyone that has been adding back, downloading and commenting on the page. Keep downloading all the songs in 2013 and we will hit our goal of 100,000 downloads.... Thank-You Ziplok

Ziplok Reverbnation

As 1 of the first 200 people to sign up to this site getting to the top 100 is my top priority since I was signed up officially on here. I apologize to anyone I offended by not putting in enough promotion to get Ziplok to the top 100 on Reverbnation and pledge in 2013 that Ziplok will be on the top 100 chart for all genres and will maintain that position throughout the year 2013 always working harder to get more downloads and fans around the world. Thank-You to everyone who has been downloading the songs and supporting the movement. In 2013 look out for all the new music videos and keep downloading the MP3s on the page. Thank-You again to everyone and for all your years of support, Ziplok

Ziplok on NewMyspace

The NewMyspace is awesome and here is my new link... https://new.myspace.com/ziplok

Download Ziplok

http://www.facebook.com/downloadziplok like the page now on facebook. thank you.

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