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Ziplok / Blog

Freeway Rick Ross

It has been a pleasant 2014. Since January we have been working with Freeway Rick Ross and if you have anything you wan to do with Rick , Bookings and Collaborations just hit me up... ziplok@outlook.com if you need Online Marketing ask about Zip Marketing send me your email and I will send you back the pricing.

Ziplok - New Music

If you heard my music on my page you will see that all I make is FUN music. If you have any FUN music to make I suggest you contact Ziplok at http://www.facebook.com/Ziplok and inbox me with your idea and we can get going I have a Microphone right here ready to go. Lets Go!!!!!

Turn Up featuring Young Dirty Bastard - Free Download!!!!

Download Turn Up featuring Young Dirty Bastard MP3 FREE on Reverbnation. thanks a lot everyone for the support....if you support Wu-Tang Download this song!!!!! Young Dirty Bastard can be added on here at http://www.reverbnation.com/YoungDirtyBastard

47,000 Fans

Thanks to EVERYONE supporting Ziplok on reverbnation. download Sticky Icky featuring Baby Eazy-E and Turn Up featuring Young Dirty Bastard.... we always bring #1 Hip Hop. Inbox me at http://www.facebook.com/Ziplok

44,000 Fans

thanks to everyone for your support in 2014 you will see Ziplok get to 50,000 fans early on and we will push for the 100,000 mark even if it takes us the next 2 years to do it.... Ziplok is the brand and the producer is BangOut download all the songs on the page FREE.... thanks.


Do you have a mixcloud page? Ziplok is currently at http://www.mixcloud.com/ziplok - go to mixcloud and download all the songs FREE.... looking for 5,000 followers.... if you have a page go login and Follow Ziplok!!!! thanks a lot Ziplok


I have a new website. www.ziplok.us get all your information on Ziplok at www.ziplok.us

40,000 Fans on ReverbNation

Ziplok is at 40,000 Fans on ReverbNation.com

383 More Pages On http://knowem.com/business/Ziplok

http://knowem.com/business/Ziplok Check out all the Ziplok pages on KnowEm? Ziplok is on every page on the internet and every social, blogging, microblogging, entertainment and every kind of site on the internet... Follow Ziplok on every social site online the list is on knowem!!!

38,000 Reverbnation Fans

thanks to everyone that is my fan on this site and if you can check this universal copy paste inbox message going to everyone online...... I hope you comment my new video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNf92h4HjvQ Master Rhyming and I hope you subscribe and like the video also FOLLOW me at Twitter and Instagram @ZiplokiPod