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Howard Tonkin / Blog

Have a great weekend!

Hi Friends, I know for many in the states it is a holiday weekend, so wishing you a Happy Labor Day! Hope all of you my dear friends enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your weekend with some of your favorite tracks of my music! I am also working on some videos to accompany favorite tracks. Cheers and lots of love!!!

At #12 on the ReverbNation Charts!!!

Yowza!!! I am officially at #12 on the ReverbNation Charts. This is te highest I have EVER came to these charts. It truly humbles me each and every day in which my all around passion is felt by you my dear friends and the AMAZING support. Without you I would be nowhere and I thank you for supporting me. As I promised there will be at least 1 or more free tracks of mine for your downloading pleasure. I know with this effort all obstacles that were a challenge are doable. Cheers!!!!

Friends, I am at #22 on ReverbNation!!!

Hi Friends, That is right you heard it clearly....I am at #20 on the ReverbNation Charts! All of this is thanks to all of you and your love for me and my music. I am truly taken back by the love daily that is pouring in...Please tell your friends and family and let's try from our groundroots effort get to #1 baby!! lol No matter if that is achieved or not I am truly blessed with the best friends that love the music I sing and write. Cheers!

New Videos, what do you think?

Hi Friends! As you already know I have added several videos from live performances via touring and TV appearances. I am so very happy that they have been FINALLY added for your viewing pleasure. You will also be happy to hear that I am working on some fun videos to accompany tracks that are released...Let me know what track you LOVE the most and that will be the next video featured....MUCH LOVE!!!

Wow at #22!!!

Hi Friends, I have big news, I am now #22 via ReverbNation!!! Thanks again. to all of you for loving my music and supporting me every step of the way. I hope you know how much I greatly appreciate this and keeping my passion alive. Please continue your support and pass along my music/page to friends/family. My success is truly all a grass roots effort and let's see how far we can get it! Great news, when I get to the Top 15, with new friends, tracks listened, fbook joining etc...I will add a track or a few to download for free. That is my HUGE "THANK YOU!" for all of this. Look forward in hearing from you all. Please post at anytime questions and I promise to return with responses to all. Cheers!

#27 on Charts!!

Hi My Dear Friends, Wow, I am AMAZED that with your help I am now at #27 on the ReverbNation Charts!!! WOOOOHHOOOOOOO!!!!!! Ok, I had to get out that HUGE scream of excitement that is thanks to all of you for loving me and my music. I have been incredibly busy with getting more out there on my artist page, YouTube, and new projects. I am working on new projects and found a fellow Aussie artist by the name Sean Houston (huge shout out to Sean!) . Sean is an original artist as well and stands out as someone to watch and I am very positive that a collaboration between us will be GRAND. More on that and much much more heading your way. Remember, to share my music, artist page etc with your friends/family and get me to maybe #1!!! #1 is a huge undertaking but WE CAN DO IT! I will post one of my tracks as a free download shortly for all whom are following me to download for no fee. Lot's of Love!!!

#35 on charts!!!!

Hi Friends! I have great news, thanks to all of your love and continued support I am at #35!!! It is great to see my music is being so well received by one and all to be this fast growing on the ReverbNation charts.

Please continue your support which is making my passion for writing and singing a reality! I am pumped up and will be posting a few more videos for everyone to enjoy along with updates on more music to come and more! Please post your questions and feedback to me on my artist page and I PROMISE to get back to you as soon as possible! Cheers and much love!!!

4 videos added, check them out!!!

Hi Friends, I have FANTASTIC news, on my artist page here on ReverbNation.....there are 4 new videos added for your viewing pleasure! Each have very special meaning to me and my career.....2 are live performances in Boston in 2011 (I perform in one video; "Personal Apocalypse" & "Crazy Boy). 1 is of my TV Promo for my appearance on Mama Knows Best and last but not finally least is my appearance on "Mama Knows Best" All of these hold special memories and hope you enjoy!!!! Cheers!

New Video Added!

Hi Friends, I have great news, my TV performance on the incredibly fun show; "Mama Knows Best!" is now added to my videos on ReverbNation! It was great to be on Mama's first season, 2nd episode! I had a FANTASTIC time in Boston and getting to know the area and look forward in heading back...everyone made me feel so at home! Beantown has my back that is for sure!!!! The complete episode I have added for your viewing pleasure and hope you like....please leave comments!!!! Cheers!

#45 on the charts!

Hi Friends! I have great news, with YOUR help I am @ #45 on the ReverbNation Charts!!! This is great news that I do not take lightly and appreciate everyone whom loves me and my music and sharing it with new fans. Please feel free to submit questions, ideas, feedback, everything to me on here and I will get back to you! Cheers!!!