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5th Wall Concept / Blog

Big Shows for Big Big Men (Part 2)

-The Harmonee Lyons Kicking Leukemia's Ass Benefit Concert at Simons After Dark.

With Hash Bash finished we packed up the gear and headed to Simons After Dark for the most important show we have been asked to play in. Harmonee Lyons is a 3 year old girl who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Raising money and showing her the support she needs was a top priority and in true 5WC fashion we delivered as promised. After seeing two stellar performances by Read' em and Weep and Social Class Zero we took to the stage and had an absolute blast performing. Probably as much fun as you can have on a stage and not get arrested. After us came Fallen Strangers with their debut performance. They were amazing and we really enjoyed watching them play. Tim "Tiny" Cook put this benefit together and Raised almost three times the projected goal in donations. Once again, Tiny comes to the rescue and pulls off a major success for someone in need. We here at 5WC tip our caps to him for being such a giving and selfless person. He is truly one of this bands best friends and it is always an honor to help him in anyway we can. Kevin the owner of Simons After Dark and his entire staff did an amazing job keeping the patrons well lubricated. Simons is a home for 5th Wall Concept. We love playing there and are always blown away with the way they treat us like family. The night was a huge success. So many acts gave of themselves along with so many big hearted fun loving people who came out to donate and support the cause. A huge thank you to everyone.

-Subhype Friday April 12th 2013

We are happy to announce we will be performing this coming Friday April 12th 2013 at Subhype. A new venue in Wixom. This event is the only free show they have a year and they like to keep it exclusive. A bar and great staff along with a sound system that will blow you away makes Subhype the only place to be this Friday evening. There will be a professional video crew on hand to tape the performance. So come on out and be a part of 5WC history by being in our first Professional music video. This promises to be a memorable evening. Check our event page for more details.

That is all for now everybody. But please keep up all of the support. We know we are going places and you our fans who we love so much are a huge part of our success. We can't wait to see you all on Friday at Subhype.

Big Shows for Big Big Men (Part 1)

Howdy Folks. It's time for another exciting, fun-filled 5WC post that only our blog can give you; all the real raw inside info on your favorite, music makin', booty shakin' band. We've got a lot to talk about, so let's get cooking.

-Monroe Street Fair/Hash Bash 2013 April 6th 2013. A cool 44 degrees with a blustery wind blowing in at a steady 17 mph. We girded up our loins and prepared to take the stage when without warning a hard gust arose from the Southeast bringing one of our guitars crashing front first to the stage floor. With only minor damage sustained a bullet had been dodged and we hadn't even started the show yet. With a solid set by Chief Greenbud and Covert wrapped up we took to sound checking our gear. It was at that time a power cable for one of our pedals decided to quit out on us. Without hesitation adjustments were made and we plodded forth towards our start time. A minor issue with a D.I box delayed our start time by only a minute or two thanks to the quick and expert work of the sound crew. Receiving the obligatory thumbs up from the sound engineer we fired up and let loose. Song after song we built up the intensity bringing the crowd tighter and tighter to the stage. Culminating in one last big push towards us as Milkshake kicked in. Before we knew it, we were busting out solos and knocking down the outro. Wrapping up one of the most memorable performances we have had yet. This was truly an amazing experience for us all. We want to thank everyone who came out to support us. We hope you had as much fun as we did. We had a chance to see some great acts in groups like Covert and I Live Once (ILO). Great local acts you should check out. We would like to thank Sal who put this entire thing together. Running Hash Bash is an enormous undertaking and we have to say he handled every aspect of it with a true professionalism and an obvious love for the event itself. We are extremely grateful to him for not only giving us the chance to play but also for putting so much effort in to the entire fair. All in all we wouldn't trade this experience for anything. It was a great time and we hope to have a chance to do it again. Oh yeah we would also like to thank the Ann Arbor Police Department parking enforcement division for only ticketing and not towing our vehicles.

Continued See Part 2...

Captains Log; Star Date 5WC (PART 2)


Well, we have a lot of dates coming up, but we're only gonna talk about one. This Saturday, March 2nd, there is a benefit concert in memory of Ray Cannizzaro at Simon's After Dark in Allen Park. Ray was a major presence in the local community. He truly cared about Detroit's music scene and it's well being. But, he was a lot more than that to his family. He was a provider, a loving Husband and Father. Tragically, Ray passed away. Even more tragic is the fact his wife passed away a few weeks before he did. His children are now without parents and in need of as much financial assistance as they can get. 5WC is joining some of the best bands Detroit has to offer. Kevin, the owner of Simons After Dark in Allen Park, is hosting the event. TIny, from Tiny and Plankman of TapDetroit.com, is putting this all together and we the bands will provide the best damn live show Metro Detroit has ever seen, because Saturday isn't about us or the other bands or the music. It's about a community pulling together and looking out for it's own. We are not asking but begging you to please come out and donate this Saturday. Great food, great drinks and amazing entertainment- and all the money is going to help some kids who not only need the money, but also need to know that even though they lost their parents, they are not alone. The whole community is here to lend a hand. Please, if you can not attend donate anyways. A dollar, ten dollars, whatever you can afford it will make a huge difference. Help us help Ray's children. If you would like to make a donation and can not attend, please contact anyone of us here at 5WC and we will arrange for your donation to make it even if you can't.

Captain's Log; Star Date 5WC

It's that time again for 5th Wall Concept to report back to you, our loyal fans on what's been going on with the band that continues to venture where no band has gone before and give you a healthy portion of the inside scoop with what's coming up next.

Feb 8th Simons After Dark-

We had an absolute blast playing with Go Tiger Go!, Nam Kook and The Typhoon and The Handgrenades. The place was packed out the door, everybody had a good time, can't wait to get back there this Saturday.


We were fortunate enough to be invited by one of our favorite venues, The New Way Bar, to play this year's Fat Tuesday party. We had our good friends Native Signal, The Wall Clocks and Enemy Squad come out and bring one of, if not the best line up of music from start to finish that we have ever had the privilege to perform with to date. It was a great night of music at The New Way Bar in Ferndale Michigan.

Feb 15th Mac's Bar-

If there is one thing that we learned on this night, it's that the sparty's in Lansing sure know how to get down and throw down. Unsure of what we'd be walking into, we didn't know what to expect from this night. But it turned out to be one of the best shows we've played in a long time. After we tore it up on stage, our good friends in Goat Machine proceeded to put on one hell of a performance. The crowd enjoyed us sober, for the most part but we got down and showed them how we party 5WC style. Egging them on to drink, get crazy and enjoy the musical styling's that is Goat Machine, not that they needed it. Chemical Edge and The Pacifier came up after Goat Machine and the room never stopped rockin'

COMING UP NEXT...see part 2...

They truly like us....

Howdy loyal minions of 5WC. It's once again time to fill you in with all the highlights and lowlights from the past week and of course get you all the latest upcoming news.

- Northern Lights We once again took the stage with our good friend Deondre Charelle Richmond. This time we did it at Northern Lights in Detroit. It was our first time playing this amazing venue. We were blown away by the professionalism and hospitality of the entire staff. Our sound engineer was truly top notch and made our performance a memorable one. If you want to see a great show in a clean classy venue then Northern Lights is the place for you. We look forward to performing here again.

Feb 8th Simons After Dark

We are very excited to announce we will be performing February 8th 2013 at Simons After Dark with The HandGrenades, Nam Kook and The Typhoon and Go TIger Go. We are extremely excited about this show. Simons is really a great place to play a show and an even better place to see one. February 8th may just be one of the best nights of music Simons has ever put together. Our good friend and owner of Simons Kevin will be there along with Tiny of the Tiny and Plankman show on Tapdetroit.com Make sure to mark your calenders in advance for this one. It's gonna be an evening of wall to wall great music. So don't pile out people. It could just be the biggest mistake of your life.

That's all for now ladies and gentlemen. But have no fear, 5WC will be back next week with another blog and an even bigger announcement.

There's a'doin's a'Transpirin'...

Hello all you wiley 5WC fans! It's time for another installment of the 5WC blog. This past week has been an interesting one and we would like to bring you up to speed.

-Woodruff's We were honored to take the stage with our good friend and great musician Deondre Charelle Richmond and a young rap group, The Hippie Goons. We'd like to thank everyone involved for a great evening. Thanks to all of our fans that showed up to support us.

-Bullfrog Bar and Grill This was a night to remember. Paledave kicked off the evening with a really great performance. Haskins came up next and got the crowed amped up with an energetic performance. The stage was set for 5WC. The fans were a big part of our performance this night. With all the familiar faces in place and a throng of new faces as well, all eager with anticipation, we went to doing what we do and BURNED THAT MOTHER DOWN! Thank you to the staff and management at the Bullfrog. The service was great. The food and drinks were top notch. And a special thanks to Jennifer Forner for all the support. We truly appreciate it. We can't wait to play here again.

-The Tiny and Plankman Show It was a real treat to be asked to appear and perform on the 1 year anniversary of their show. We had an absolute blast. What could be a better duo than a big, bald guy and a thin, squirrely guy with a whole head of bushy hair. When you put these two in a room together it's a lot of fun. Add in 5WC and you get the whole enchilada. Leaving no subject untouched and performing acoustically for the first time ever all while sneak peeking a few tracks off of our upcoming album "Without Borders," made for an explosive evening. A hootenanny if you will. Also, probationary member of the Tiny and Plankman show, Kevin Razlog, was cutting his teeth and cracking wise which brought us great enjoyment. his band Shudder will be opening for Taproot at the Crimson on February 22nd. Check it out, it's gonna be a great show. We can't wait to do T&P again. Tiny and Plankman, along with TapDetroit.com, are truly working hard to help grow the local music industry. We ask that you do your part and support Tiny and Plankman and TapDetroit.com. Thank you to all involved for making this happen.

-Could a big show at an even bigger venue with an even bigger act be in the works for 5WC?!?!?!? DAMN TOOTIN' IT IS! Stay tuned to get the skinny on the best show that will have ever taken place in the State of Michigan, ok, we'll be serious. One of the best shows.

Time Crunch and Munch

Happy New Year all you crazy 5WC fans. We hope this holiday season has brought you much joy. We had a great couple of shows and in case you weren't there, heres the skinny.

The Detroit Pub

- This was a night we won't soon forget. It was great to be back on the East side. We saw a lot of familiar faces and it was great to meet some new faces. Ignite the Borealis came all the way from Grand Rapids and opened the show with a truly flawless performance. White Shag came on next and was everything we expected. It was great to finally see a Detroit staple do their thing. Steffie and the Dirty Virgins brought the excitement and energy they have become known for. We were honored to have Richard Blondy shoot some photos of us while we were on stage and to perform for the owner of Motor City Music Factory. One of Detroit's best kept secrets. A big thank you to Kevin for doing a spectacular job on the sound. We loved the Venue. The staff was very welcoming and the food was really good. If your looking for a great place to catch a bite, a drink, a show or all three then check out The Detroit Pub.

- Simons New Years Bash

This was a great night. We got to see some great acts in Omni and The Anthony Lai Band. Kevin and his staff were truly awesome as always. We had a great crowd and it was nice to be able to ring in the New Year with our family. Ok so you now know we had a great show on New Years. Now we will let you in on a bit of the backdoor happenings. Due to un-forseen circumstances we were left with a meager 13 minutes to get one band off stage and get all of our gear up, set up, tuned, sound checked and good to go or midnight would hit and we wouldn't be able to ring in the New Year the only way it should be rung in. The 5WC way. With the prospects of all of humanity being cheated out of us bringing in 2013 the right way, we furrowed our collective brow, put the old nose to the grind stone and got the job done with two minutes to spare. It was truly a great moment in rock history. Thanks to The Anthony Lai Band and Kevin our sound pro for doing such a great job to help us make it all possible.

That is all for now folks. 2013 is going to be a big year for all of us. is there a big announcement on the horizon? Dates for this years upcoming shows are on the way to boot.

Balls to the Wall


Sweet, Sweet, Lemonade (Part 2)

December 28th Detroit Pub

We are excited to be performing December 28th at the Detroit Pub. This is going to be a night of music unmatched by any other. The lineup features EMI/Capitol records band Ignite the Borealis coming all the way from Grand Rapids. These guys can rock a stage like it's nobody's business. White Shag will also be performing that night. They are a staple of Detroit rock and an incredible heavy hitter. We can't wait to see them in action. Steffie and the Dirty Virgins will be with us again. We love playing with them. They really are as unique and tight as you'll find around these parts. And of course 5WC will be there to piss thunder and crap lightning. This is going to be the best show of the weekend anywhere in Metro Detroit and beyond. That's a 5WC guarantee.

New Years Eve Mojumbos

We'll be at Simons After Dark ringing in the New Year 5WC style and are pleased to announce that we'll be counting it all down. So come on out and help us start 2013 the right way. More Details on this coming soon.

Thats all for now folks. Have a safe and Happy Holiday and we look forward to seeing you all at many of our shows in the future.


Sweet, Sweet, Lemonade (Part 1)

Salutations all you crazy 5WC fans. It's time once again to recap last weeks doings and let you know what the future holds, because even if the world ends on 12/21 5th Wall Concept will not. We will live on to form a more perfect society!

Simons Battle of the Bands- 5WC did not win the battle. We gave it all we had. We fought hard and never gave up but it just wasn't enough to come out winners. The judging was merely a vote count at 5 dollars a vote. We really do appreciate all of you who came out to support us. Unfortunately, we were just a few votes short. But weep not for us, 5WC lives on to fight another day. It was a packed bar and the audience was rocking out to us. We saw a lot of familiar faces and had a great time hanging out with Kevin, Joby, and Tiny. Simons is really a great place to play and see a show. Great staff, great food and great drinks all at good prices. We urge you to come out and party with us New Years Eve at Simons After Dark in Allen Park and help 5WC ring in the New Year!

Dayles Sports Bar in St.Claire Shores

Wow was this ever a roller coaster ride. We were asked to inaugurate Dayles brand new show room this past Saturday. Due to circumstances beyond Dayles control, the room was not ready in time. Having a large crowd expected that night we were in a bit of a pickle. Ray, the very gracious host and booking agent for Dayles, told us we could simply play the show in the main bar. With a "stage" slightly smaller then our gear required and the audience willing to allow us to sit in their laps, we set out to hook up the P.A and get The Daredevils up and rocking. And Rock they did. What a way to open a night of music. We really do love playing with this band. Always professional and just good honest guys. They always bring their A game and everybody loves their music. Next up was Steffie and the Dirty Virgins. This show was what we might call a breakout show for them. Bringing an attitude fitting their aggressive sound, Steffie delivered one of her best performances to date. The music behind her was performed incredibly tight and accurate. The crowd was really shaking the walls at this point and couldn't get enough it. So we geared up and took to the stage. On nights like this, things just seem to fall into place. We hit our set list hard and watched the albums fly out the door like hot cakes on a cold day. We were blown away by the generosity and enthusiasm that this crowd showed to us. To everyone at that show, we sincerely thank you. Nights like these are what make it all worth while. We got to meet some good people and give them a good time. What more could a band ask for? To all of the Performers that night we would just like to say, stellar job folks. To Ray and the staff at Dayles, Thank you for an amazing evening and for being so welcoming and accommodating. Your food is awesome and we love the bar. The new show room they are finishing is going to be awesome. We can't wait to come back.

We're Serving Up This Holiday Ham 5WC Style.

Ladies, Gentlemen, fans of all ages we are pleased to announce 5th Wall Concept will be performing for your pleasure 4 times starting this Saturday December 8th at Simons After Dark in Allen Park and ending Saturday December 15th at Dayles Sports Bar in St.Clair Shores. That's four times the 5WC for you to get funky with. Now, let us give you the nuts and bolts.

-Simons After Dark: We are fired up to kick this coming week off with a killer show. 3 Phase, Grommet, 23 EXP and Primitive Tongue will be bringing a rip roarin', face tearin' good time to Simons. Doors are at 8. So be there and bang some heads.

- Simons After Dark: This time it's personal!

It has been brought to our attention that a couple of bands have decided to declare war on the free and easy lands of 5WC. So once again your right to see the sleaziest show on earth must be defended. We will gird up our loins and take to the field of battle on Tuesday December 11th. We will need all of our soldiers (that means you) to take on the enemy. The great flag of 5WC shall fly high everywhere that musical variety reigns supreme. Let this day be no exception, let us rise to the challenge and let you, the fans we serve, be there to witness these historic events with your own eyes.

- Smalls: We are very excited to have the opportunity to take a truly historic stage here in Michigan. Smalls has hosted some of the biggest local and national acts over the past 3 decades and Thursday December 13th, 5th Wall Concept will be adding their name to that list. We will be performing with Faster Taxi, Deondre Charelle Richmond and Tosha Owens. Doors are at 9 p.m. This is going to be a lot of fun featuring some very unique acts. So come on out and see what a sack full of ugly is all about.

- Dayles Sports Bar: We are honored to be performing the inaugural show at Dayles Sports Bar in St.Claire Shores. This line up is as solid as they come with Steffie and the Dirty VIrgins and our old friends The Daredevils making their return to the stage. This will be the first show held on Dayles newly built stage. Come show your support for a bar owner who is willing to open his doors and give local music another place to call home. It's people like this, that give all bands a chance to work their way to the next level. Lets let Dayles know how much we all appreciate it and join us. Drink, Eat and be Merry.

That is the conclusion of new business. Now we will move on to what happened last week.

- Vesta Co-op House Hootanany:

We had a blast hoppin and boppin with the party animals at M.S.U. A very special thank you goes out to Spencer Rice and the whole Vesta Co-op. You guys know how to treat a band. To bad you can't figure out the same formula for women, HA! Ode to Canvas opened up the party and put on one hell of a performance. DJ TSmith closed out the night droppin that bass and gettin the booty's shakin for our enjoyment. We will be back to the Vesta Co-op and this time the whole damn roof is coming down.

That will do it for this weeks informative and fun blog. Tune in next week for more whacky tales of 5WC adventure.