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knick the skin but which ever way he falls:cutemfrom anal opening to the mouth:MTLCA:DAMAGE,INC or soem pig fuckin cop fondeling me for years when I was so sick I could barely see hear or speak so FUCK YOU BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIGTC H:FIND PRISON211 TELLEMTOFUCKTHATFUCKINCUNTFUCKUPTHEHFCUC KINASSBITCH:RE:DAVIDSANDERSPRISONFOR: related, resterauant tells this other gossipy guy that had been askingme for pills ['painkillers'] that a girl was dragged in the back and raped, I want to close my windows at night a suffocate....no, you will be dealing with murder at that point that happens to me again, so yeah start alllllllllllllllllllllllllfuckin over not safe dont feel safe again going to kill some dubm fuckin guy, some dumb fuckin guy....THen he tried to retract his statement in front of myneighbor and say this or that colorado law says you can hold someone until the cops get: NO BITCH YOU CAN SHOOT THEM CUT THEM UP POINT FUCKIN BLANK STOP REROUTING YOU DOTN FUCKIN KNOW WHAT YORU TALKIGN ABOUT DUBM BITCH STUPID FUCKN PILL WWWWWWWWWWWWHORE FUCK[ohes just living in his fuckin apartment like he didnt do mutherfFUCKINSHITBITCH! age 2-4 that was the intimidation tactick used on me as an infant toddler{a girl I worked with not only myself my assaults, in denver, but she was broken into on the 2nd floor her 2 sons in the house, a gun put to her head and raped, they arrested him 2006 denver:ichardson.}JW

N11:Informative:(you come to my window im cutting your bitch up mutherfucker

or soem pig fuckin cop fondeling me for years when I was so sick I could barely see hear or speak so FUCK YOU BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIGTC H:FIND PRISON211 TELLEMTOFUCKTHATFUCKINCUNTFUCKUPTHEHFCUC KINASSBITCH:RE:DAVIDSANDERSPRISONFOR: related, resterauant tells this other gossipy guy that had been askingme for pills ['painkillers'] that a girl was dragged in the back and raped, I want to close my windows at night a suffocate....no, you will be dealing with murder at that point that happens to me again, so yeah start alllllllllllllllllllllllllfuckin over not safe dont feel safe again going to kill some dubm fuckin guy, some dumb fuckin guy....THen he tried to retract his statement in front of myneighbor and say this or that colorado law says you can hold someone until the cops get: NO BITCH YOU CAN SHOOT THEM CUT THEM UP POINT FUCKIN BLANK STOP REROUTING YOU DOTN FUCKIN KNOW WHAT YORU TALKIGN ABOUT DUBM BITCH STUPID FUCKN PILL WWWWWWWWWWWWHORE FUCK[ohes just living in his fuckin apartment like he didnt do mutherfFUCKINSHITBITCH!{a girl I worked with not only myself my assaults, in denver, but she was broken into on the 2nd floor her 2 sons in the house, a gun put to her head and raped, they arrested him 2006 denver:ichardson. I grew up with several older black women around..... had they found out someone was stealing my panties and jacking off with them.......... re:memphis tennesee}JW { It tells me that you dont like me that its a hateful act so you also hate me and I dont know you Ive done nothing to you and it tells me that you will catch other peoples assault people, but I can be this person and make you look a certain way as a state art and music wise but that you hate me and I dont fuckin know you or anything about you dont speak to you dont have anythign to do with you it shows me that you like others to help them and for people to continue raping me and no harm should come to the people have committed these crimes and kidnapped my child but I can make you look a certain way and thats what you need is what it says to me" Jennifer Weaver: DL# COLORADO SAME NUMBERS AS 4408 AIRHART DRIVE LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS WHERE THE abuse was horrid}JW{2 weeks before I moved my friend from newmexico, one of them, dear friend older in her 60's her brother was found dead shot with a bullet in the head. Ambien some time on ambien....shrugging...I described this to my psychologist today as smearing my head in dog shit and beating it into the wall, and what type of energy was that going to create for them and how it was going to happen to them only way worse. Your being sued colorado for such things and ignorance and civil rights and I dotn care at this point who it takes from you rape me every day. The family is looking at over 5000 counts of rape, and attemted homicide/murder, contempt of court, defimation of character, lying to the court, kidnapping ,harassment, stalking, kidnapping with intent for abuse to child, taking child out of state with out permission of parent with parental rights, medical/psychological treatments:including medications with out the consent of the parent/biological mother, false leads on where the child was residing, also insinuates kidnapping in the denver court of law/juvenile, however denver courts did not return child to family, nearest blood relative in coloraod springs for 28 years, partner fully located and mature in localized state area, 60 years local area, known, known whereabouts with biological aunt, aunt stable and in vicepresident/art director for math making learning kit company for 25 years, uncle partner to biological aunt etc....shrugging....Ill never have my peronality or myself back ever again....its destroyed my life....you should shoot....you should blow your brains out and put it on youtube for the world to see. You go on and on about this or that or places like gaza not going to be liviable.....shrugging.....its not been livable....your scum fuckin trash.....}Jennifer Weaver

N11:"{but if I had a penis you know.....big penis baaaand nlm†mln:dieGLOCKE

http://myelitis.org/symptoms-conditions/transverse-myelitis/ notes:med may have been tampered with, no sleep 2 nights upon taking it became wide awake 3rd night} no im not stopping the gabapentin:eurotin, you cannot its to dangerous but we did discuss some of it}JW {n11:classclown/1980-1994{sara:kama[sungsara] shiva211:owl{possession: if you aint gonna shoothim it, somebody will"JW:ILK:AY[AEL]EVEN{yeahthafaRK}its why she told me to pay attntion I had lived in inca, anasaz[s]i zuni, we dont know she told me to check:'I dotn I think the drugs were pure and great at that ime is what I think}JW What about accidental preganancy?: Your not having an abortion you as myself go ahead and have the baby andi had every right to terminate the pregnancy even if I did not want it, I was not going to have any c hildren, so I was already preganant that was my rational.{what about when they jack off and shoot sperm thats abortion its aborting sperm. Rape is forcing fertilzation. Your fucking around with some body you r wrackign up quite the bill bitch} Ive terminated a pregnacy, that kid was not going to be right that bike wreck me going over that car like that, it was either that or loose it in the toilet, Im not loosing no baby in no fuckin toilet the guy I was with agreed, then I broke up with him to be with these real lfuckin shitty fuckin people. Because he was not an artist and he was very irresponsible he was still shakign his head over me terminating it when I could not get the bleeding to stop. If you cant make this fuckin choice decision with me and think for a fuckin minute then fuck you and thats how jason and I ended it re:2000. THAT FUCKIN DUMB ITCH OLD LADY WAS FOR WHATEVER REASON ALLL IN MY FUCKIN MEDICAL SHIT BITCH, SHE DID THAT BECAUSE SHE KNEW I TERMIANTED A PREGNANCY SOEM FUCKIN DIRTY OLD FUCKINWHOREHAG FUCCCCCCCCCCCCK"JW"no record sales no albumsold no posters no shows just a blog and I manage to stay in the top 10 other than beign a veteran of denver music and not sucking dick, I dont know how it works couldnt tell you have no advise none [thechurch:reptile]"JW" I was saying fuck off suck mny fuckin dick long time ago I dont know how anyone likes me fuck....but some 1999 and Im not doing nothing with it. All 15 albums have been sitting jsut latent fuckin slimed up crotch pussy fuck dried up in a petri dish . Theres been no support, my family does not support me in music havent in years its a pretty delusional occupation"JW"every girl id say only 10 % or less do not including myself even some of those that I reve up to dj, I only dj out my work, but mostly women vocalists sound like fuckin chipmunks good part of em I hate music mostly its been shitted on and perverted like its shit I dont much listen to mainstream some times I do if forced, depends my ex had a urine fetish so I dont know, no he didnt want a girlfreind he wanted a chick to piss on his head while he jacked off si, panties he wanted sweaty bike drum yoga panties to go sit on the toilet at his job and jack off with em, im like what the fuck or its, dont move, im like these other people with their sex hangups, so I developed some, wash my panties everyday, no one touches me its been like 8 fuckin years bitch, so I was like what dick was I sucking, a codensor MXL something you know jsut some dubm ass bitch shit fucked up people with fucked up issues hugging terds big piled up shit piles, snooping through feces, its fuckin gross bitch"JW"Ive not Ive stopped dating they too hung up on dick like just dumb bitches, guys and the women were not much better wanting panties too, I hate people"JW"adopted step father went through panties did the same shit cop in uniform gun tomy head type shit, Its wonder I can even say one straight sentence...you know....? shrugging shitty look onmy face. WELL FUCK YOU BITCH THAT WILL COME DOWN SOON YOU BETTER SHOOT BETTER GET ONE OF THOSE TEEN REGISTERED GUNS SO YOU CAN BLAME SOMEBODY TOO DUBM BITCH!"JW


no soda ever with sugar or aspertame only buble water that soda yesterday and that cigarette a week ago....shrugging, some things I can no longer have, you people get medicated to drink soda alot of you, no FACT{unfortunately the chid has not come forward any emancipation anything they wrecked up life just random people so Ill have to get attorneys pout of pocket and go back to court, so I have to seel the art and get out of the renters market and attorneys, Its for sale just not ready yet THEY ARE the problem we are not expaling this over and over again another 9 years and fuck you fuck you{and they leave you with no one again and go to the doctor and nothing just used up no one raped no good memories of anything other than entrapment and rape and stealing and fuck me, one day soon your going to wake up in prison about 15 of you not even a fuckin sheet to curl up with just concrete something FFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK GODUMBFUCKINBITCH! FUCK YOUR GODUMBITCH! STRAIGHT A HONOUR STUDENT OFF OF MY PUMPED BREAST MILK FOR 3 YEARS NO FUCKIN TEETH AND RAPED UP PUSSYFUUUUUUCK YOUBBBBBBBBBBITCVH IM GOINGT O BLOW MYF UCKINJ BRAINS OUT FUCKIN BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAT CU N T VFFFFFFUCK{if your the kid and youve found this stay out of it until the cops and detectives and attorneys can handle it[VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUACK YOU BITCH FUCK YOU BITTTTTTTTTHF FUCKIN YOUUFUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU FUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOUFUCK YOU FFFFFFFFUCK YOOOOOOOU FUUUUUKKYOU!JW:SS3SLYRCHRISTIANITYCHURCHISINSIDEOUSREPRESSIONOFROTTEDOUTFUCKHOLESWORSHIPPINGAFUCKINJEWNONCHRISITIANITSJUDASODOMIZINGHISCRUSTEDUPANALOPENINGWITHSNOTFUCKFORJESUSTICKINGHISROTTEDOUTCOCKFUCKDIPSHITSTICKUPHISASSHAILSATANDOGFUckRUSTEDUPDICKUPTHEANALCANALCOCKFUCKENOUGHANALPUSSyTRUCKERASSCUNTFUCKROTTEDOUTCLITFUCKERFORALLLL } did you start that shit with her patricia? that big girl ccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaP!, shes all like got a big girl job talking about you YOU! DOES SHE MEAN YOU GAINED WEIGHT? HUH? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN YOU DONE BEEN OVER THERE WITH MUTHER FUCKIN GUUUUUUUUUUUUNS BIG GIRL WHAT THEN SHE GOT ON HER BIG GIRL KICK LIKE SOME FUCKIN BIG GIRL APARTMENT I WEIGHT IN AT 115 AND THE BIG GIRL APARTMENT WAS AGE 18 WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE TALKIGN ABOUT PATRICIA BIG GIRL WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT I HATE EVERY FUCKIGN BOOOOOOOOOOOOOODY I AM 38 FUCKIN YEARS OLD BIG GIRL WWWWWWWWWWWWWWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT}ORIGIN:LARVAEOFTHELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE•}youmeanthekeeleystolethefirstgrandbabyandjoaniegotemptynestneededtobetalkigntothe16yearold[zo]OZ:}you play? roleplay?:cc:skeweredfromeartoeye•[flip adeck]{ THEIR HOMES ARE MARKED IN RED AND N'S AND THEY ARE TOLD TO LEAVE RE:ISLAM CHRISTIANS ARE MADE TO LEAVE TERRITORY OF 2000 YEAR OCCUPANCY:REDOORMARKED N:11}PLS ADVISE:{WHICHOUSE:calling in the death angels dumb }MI666:RE:HUMAN CLONE-ING{IHAAAAAATEHESESTUPIDFKNBITCHESPUTACUNTVUCKfuckincuntmutehrfucker[hocido:tdf•211:N11}"I did all this this is all my work, this is all the scraps of energy youf uckin sucked of me you stupdifuckin dubm fuckinb itch{CLOSED:O its 100 degrees in this apartment its going to be hot another 3 hours, ice coffee? YEAAAAAAAAAAH{SLAMMEDOOR:"keep striking their fertilization law down, they have no business medeling in womens medical anything, its a violation of HHPPAA. No, my friend, that miscarriage you just had you would be in prison for that too, they are fukin rotted out nosey fuckin bitches, they got out voted in denver :re:fertilization law baby loss results in criminal punishment includes rape victims and early childhood preganancy."}JW :ITS NONE OF YOUR FUCKIN BUSINESS DUBM BITCH•{SLAMMEDOOR:}IF YOU THINK WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE A BABY WHAT PEOPLE TYPICALLY MAKE BABIES FROM SODANDPILLCONSTEPATION CUNT FUCK YOURCODDELING ATERDAPIECEOFSHITBITCH

N11:Drops/Vapes [REDCARDPERMISSIVE] CBds:Non Smoking Alternatives

they hear rubber gloves or sculpting medium and they think its some loose skank ass hooker or something, dumb shit. What is that on there?}JW"age 2." I grew up in the print making and photography business:Woodrow Woodliff}Woodys Print Shop}"why did you leave I mean I know why but why?: "they were all on crack rock, and meth was going into circulation, the drugs and abuse got to bad, then the good guys isolated with thier rock and music, so it sucked for me mostly but I have roots Im from the swamp, bayou, but Im a desert person see, see that.Drugs are rampant they are everywhere anything you want is there waiting for you, drugs are everywhere I grew up in that... dog shit is my trigger, like piles of dog shit and Im in the wrong neighborhood type thing....speed people....or drunks..speed people like me shrugging I play speed black metal drums..."JW IVE HAD to deal with alot of crack head muther fuckers,....I dotn even know knocking...I dotn like it....its alot of money to pay for rent to be bothered about smoking ive not smoked in here does not knock on other doors.... dotn know...}Theres no need to knock on my door and ask me if I am in here smoking, I dont smoke I had A cigarette 7 days ago, probably its some one else or outside, then I have to flip my fan because she is knocking on my door and I dont have any tobacco nothing, and did not knock on any other door, probably you should knock on someone else s door if you know im not smoking and ther is nothing to smoke.}Probably the female with a 15 year old publishing label recording her own music since 2005 and recorded music since age 8 and yoga for 33 years, photography for 30 years, fine art and music training for 30 years, does not smoke cigarettes very often can quit pretty easily..... you can also pull my grocery receipts from the previous 20 years and examine my groceries what I eat....etc....sold car to bike in traffic denver.... nasty shit cloud....etc....continues through the abuse does not drink did not get on drugs.....etc......8 years of custody court for her own child rape victim 2 times 3 times if you calculate ER rape test kit made 2011 Alamosa.....its all in there Im tired of explaining problematic peopel and issues, theyve been trying to get me hooked on drugs and pregnant since age 4..............................when Im not hanging around some body its a pretty good indication they are bothering me at some fucked up level or capacity.... I disengage and drop people real quick did before they drugged me when they drugged me I lost my life so there were these peope who cornered me and I did not much hav eno way out similar to growing up as a child and teen trapped on ly they used my kid to trap me and that kid came from a sexual assault from a roomate I wandered around for 4 months sick did not know why or 3 months.. It s pretty expalainitory, people bother me with their fucked up lives and hell realms and their shit, the close date on this was JUNE2014 ...Its keeping the wound wide open the maggots come COURTESY BOMBER©2005-NIKAYA11©2005-2014.....they probablyshouldstaythevfuckoutofmyfaace............JW {morbidangel:strickenarise}' i grew up in extreme deathmetal black metal and gangster rap some rythym and blues some, not much country either, joan moved to colorado, then they isolated me for years the south is a hard core place, not so much here but its similar like pussy fuck something pssy bitch like that, I dont know Im not alot different than I was just not as freindly re:1980-1995[cc:orgasmthroughtorture:panterafuckinghostil]{dyingfetus:onslaughtofmalice• not hardly get the fuck away from me."Jennifer:N11:RSH:K{brainremovalpolice:ccrpse}babinowbabi



N11:enclosed, I would need to find deposit check/itemized list of

I should go find a spot, stop eating and lay in a bed and rotttt}jw:MORNAGOOTCHA•JLSW}shitty wince on my face:{not when Im over here and they keep they pets indoors people check on one another, every body is chilling working, doing they own, aint no body bothering me other than the opposite: 'are you smoking, I smell smoke?: here take a wiff, absolutely not, no not even they had word that the treatment plan went through no smoking but :if you flip the card, you would have a fucked up sociopath person lerkng doing fucked up shit lookign for a check or something and these mutehr fucker s over here will kill them then call the cops so Ill be over here}JW{hat you didnt fix{N11:N11:{I thought you all were doing mean shit to me, me, personally me and because of this satanic shit comes up from the past and other things start coming out about what I practice or who I am or what I study and the LALALALALALALLAALLAALALALALALÅ shit starts coming out from every fuckin direction type sit, polish royal, our entire state destroyed every one killed, to I am a satanist from very young age, so I just assume your pointing your dip stick finger fishy pussy shit at me cunt fuck :JW"would you like the jesusmag combo with a cup of church or crackshake[?]"PATIENTSRYE©:} the other tenants got their deposits back right away, ...and the abusers got new counter tops and they spent money playing landscaper in the yard of 1523 W Colorado and left the good tenant with fire hazards and b urned up plugs, all I did was pay my rent and work on the building cleaning it up....some dumb bitch not giving me my deposit back but the meth head si,....the other one with the cat got his deposit transferrable right back..... no deposit, then we will have to go to court and shut thier church and their fuckin shottty church school down local new s for local things federal news for federal things this falls intot he category of both federal and local FEDERALMONEYPAYINGTHATGODAMNRENTFUCKER!GB}JW}hossamramzyandjoseluismonton:pensandoenti} faith is my mother I never fucked my mother no, but you did you have her bloated out yeasted crusty cunt fuck all over you place"JW:SS3SLYRCHRISTIANITYCHURCHISINSIDEOUSREPRESSIONOFROTTEDOUTFUCKHOLESWORSHIPPINGAFUCKINJEWNONCHRISITIANITSJUDASODOMIZINGHISCRUSTEDUPANALOPENINGWITHSNOTFUCKFORJESUSTICKINGHISROTTEDOUTCOCKFUCKDIPSHITSTICKUPHISASSHAILSATANDOGFUCK{MTLICA:ANJUSTICEFORALL:EVERYBODYGETSBIGJESUSROTTEDOUTCRUSTEDUPDICKUPTHEANALCANALCOCKFUCKENOUGHANALPUSSYGALOREHANGUPTRUCKERASSCUNTFUCKROTTEDOUTCLITFUCKERFORALLLLL{HANGAAAAAAAAAAUP!}SLAMMEDOOR

N11:DowLwie[BIGDIFFERENCe INVIETAMN¬7 and: dolllwwwwwe

WELCOME TO DICOMATIC HOME BASE OF THE CONTROL MECHANICS FULLY LOADED COCK FUCKIN BIG BLACK DILDO CUNT FUCK WITH VIBRATING FINGERS TO FLIP EVERY FUCKIN CLIT ROTTED OUT FUCKIN YEASTED UP CUNT HOLE OFF AND OUT DIRTY SHITTY DISCHARGE PISS ON MY HANDS AT THE COMPUTER NASTY FUCKIN CUNT FUCK DUBM ASS BITCH! ]YOU MAKE A DECISION FROM THE TIME YOU INPUT THIS TO GO INTO THIS BLOG AND READ IT, THAT IS YOUR DECISION THIS MAY BE USED AGAINST 'YOU' IN THE COURT OF LAW, YOU USE ME ITS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT BECAUSE YOU MAKE THE DESCION TO COME IN AND READ IT YOU ARE WARNED AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THIS ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, PARENTAL GUIDENCE SUGGESTED, JESUS JUST TO TELL THE FUCKIN {YOU AINT ABEEN LOOKIGN FOR NO FUCKIN BODY IVE BEEN IN STATE AND AT THE COMPUTER ON LINE SINCE 2005 EVERY FUCKIN DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BITCH TELL THE TRUTH..AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAYOUR FUCKED INT HE HEAD BITCH ITS A BUNCH OF Iiiiiiiiwwwwwaaaannnnnnnsseeeee or they dont believe or its not real so I was like, Ill stop speaking ....shrugging.... AINT A BLOG ENOUGH, I WAAAANNNNNNAASSSSEEEEE, its some shit like that and im liek get the fuck out of my face go see somebody what? go see some body get the fuck out my face cunt fuck!}ego just random people think they so fuckin important that Im writign about them all this muther fuckin trauama and Im writing about some dubm ass fuckin bitch i dont fuckin know......? whatever and Ive had to deal with that the fuckin maggots. You should see this doctor she gives out pills for that type of thing apparently, they think all this shit that has happened in 15-37 years has somethign to do with them and ive seen them in public said hi like 4 times talked barely known them a couple of months and this is all about them......okay....right.....right...Well, when you see my doctor she should hook you up with enough pills to sell to get yoru wwwwwittttle rent paaaid. ITs that one guy that one gossippy dont know shit repeating likaaa paaarrrooot crow fuck kaaa kaaaa kaakakakkaaa, dont know fuckin know mutehr fuckin shit gossipy like a fuckin meth muther fuckin nitting crack ass cunt fuck"JW{ that was at the other building I lived in for 2 and a half years, they did fucke dup shit even the christians that purchased the building. I got bit by a tenants cat had to go to the ER, no apology no paying the bill, throat infection hand swole to a point where I could not close my hand, nasty throat infection for 2 weeks hand fucked up, they still kept letting the guy come in with the fuckin cat not a registered pet for anything therapy nothing jsut some fuckin reved up coke, meth cat biting and attacking, some shit like that and they hold me up on my deposit nothign but problems there im like yeaaaaaaaaaaaah 3x the ammount we will be going to court, no heat no hot water for 2 years, fall out nearly dead sick.... yeah we can go to court ove some fuckin 500$ for damn sure shut you the fuck down . christians....really really, and what church do you go to? What school do you run so I can have you shut the fuck down. THE CAT OWNER OVER THERE HAD A STROKE FROM DOING SPEED HAD MOVED IN AND CONTINUED DOING SPEED WITH THE OTHER NEIGHBOR THAT LIVED UNDERNEATH ME BEAT HIS 80 YEAR OLD WIFE EX METH HEADS OFF SUPOSIDLY METH FOR 2 YEARS RAN FROM CALIFORNIA OLD METH DEALERS HIDING UP IN THAT PLACE FINALLY LEFT. I go over there by accident and they practically have to shoot me with thorzine in the car it fucked me up so bad cant even go down the street by accident with out having a fuckin anxiety attack tha nasty fuckin cunt fuckin bloated out bitch!}JW: spits me out, Im ravencrowbluejaymagpie• like the movie 'the fly' or I look like a tweeker trailor trash someting, I hate lighters and razors for cutting hair}JLSW}

N!!:dowwwwiedowwwlie some fucked up old lady thinkin a kid was a doll

"not when you have people medicated and fucked up going into public places shooting everybody from meds from fucked up doctors and meds. You cannot make people take meds, someone like me....it makes me more suicidal like that its dangerous, what they did the game they played very dangerous all in the name of playing victim because they are old and no one gave them attention and they did not know how to cope with not having no body....it reversed on them because Ive never had anybody so for people like me it never matters, fucked up people like them....they play dangerous games like kidnapping children from rape victims type thing. Then they are like take this pill it will help, then take this other one it will make that pill work then take these other pills it will make the both of those pills work , its fucked up. Then you have dilemas like people going into movie theatrs shooting people, stabings at foot ball games random shoot outs the colorado government hides unless its a movie theatr and Im just going who has money to go to the movies and fuck them too. NOT WHEN YOU ARE IGNORING TRAUMA VICTIMS OF 37 YEARS, AND THE GUNS IN MYF UCKIN FACE FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKIN MOVIE DUMB ASS FUCKIN CUTN FUCKIN BITCH. Who has money to go to the movies and i have no sympaty for them either. {I live in a nonsmoking building. Not when your income is varifiable this certain amount. It not only looks bad the punitive damages are going to take from your fucked up system to a point where it will take from your public transportation program and deplete you to a level where you can sure....depend on saying pot revenue this or that and that takes from people so Im not going to let up at all, youve traumatized me to a point where there are no options. So when there are no options people begin to look at the gun as a way out more often, in your case this state and arkansas they pray for me to commit suicide because they have wracked up such a fuckin bill you know what I mean,....they want nothing more than for me to blow my brains out especially in a public place the capitol building or something, then my doctor is like :' antidepressant this or that and im like are you not fuckin listening to me who has been speakign with you the government? Them, they tell you to ask me if I need antidepressants I done told you how many time for months they make me want to blow myf uckin brains out how many times I have to tell you people are you talking to the government are they telling you to ask me to go on pills again so that I commit suicide?. Because theyd love nothing more than to get out of this 40 million punitive damages debt and they pay your fuckin check so I dont know. My daughter that kid....has no rights to anything that i have money assets nothing, she not been in my life they took her it caused further damages, I ve not seen or spoken to her sinc 2006 shes been kidnapped, I was raped, thats ow she is in the picture and not I could not tell you what the kid looked like, they stole her off the fuckin tit bitch then made me fight in court for fuckin 8 years for my own kid, me the biological mother fighting in court for my own kid not even from a relative because the fuckin kid could not stay in the fuckin house as she was told bike routes over the interstate type thing. That kid regardless how bad it fucked with my head, is one of them just some fucked up random person over time just one of them real fucked in the head brainwashed fucked type, so its not going to matter, I gave birth against my will for who? who? some fucked up munchousin fuckin cutn fuck .{ and a bunch of selfcentered selfrighteous people I dont even fuckin know thinking Im writing some thing about them, their ego their fuckin ego just random people think they so fuckin important that Im writign about them all this muther fuckin trauama and Im writing about some dubm ass fuckin bitch i dont fuckin know......? whatever and Ive had to deal with that the fuckin maggots"JW


I dont even have any tobacco I had a cigarette 5 days ago I had to set a treatment plan included no smoking,its not even relaxing to have one no more••••••••••••SEPULTURA:APESOFGOD}•Nobody stays in denver juvenile courts for 8 years if they dont want their child...that s fucked up. What they did was fuckin psychoOTIc. They took something happened to me long time ago it left wounds wide open, could not heal up then got sicker"}JW{"NO THey took my little girl for her leaving the house and all that happened before that, then drugged me.....that child was my world. Every thing had been about the baaaby and apparently that was wrong so I had to reroute my liiife."JW{PANTERA:DRAGTHEWATERS:"and when they drag the lake theres nothing left at alllllllllll alllllllllll alllllllll:marsvolta:}megadeth:takenoprisoners metallica:thefrayedendsofsanity•{it was not, it was an honour to be involved in mental health and be in the classification of bipolar, I have severe depression weve been looking for this manic for 10 years, I need some of it. I know bipolar people and they are good intelligent people, need meds because you say they do. I have on my disability statement, undefined neurological damage/tremor/seizure/migraine/chronic body pain: WELL THEY SAID I WAS BIPOLAR TOOK MY KID OVER IT SHE GOT OUT THE HOUSE YOU BETTER PUT THAT ON THERE: I see that jennifer, I understand anxiety to also be a side effect of severe pain, I will add this as anxiety as well as stated by your doctor this should have been taken care of when you were under the care of your parents but judging their past with you, its safe to say its best the neglect on it: re:disabilities [2008-2010]•}JW[ANTHRAX:ANTISOCIAL]slayer:gemini•{dio:straighthroughtheheart:mtlca:amievil[GUNGHO]ANTHRX:mgadth:poisonwasthecure{ 'it was very mean spirited zo, they were, they even went through and tore through your things tore up your baby blankets, it was awful, they destroyed my life.'JW{ theres no place to play my drums and I discontinued any band use 2007, solo project went out 2005, I left san luis valley and denver, theres been no place to play my drums, Ive been off drums 2 years nearly"}JW{ he asked about my music: what s up with this?: Nothing, I quit Its never been a career it does not pay there are no colorado invites, its a piece of shit im very unhappy with it I currently dont much like music anything to do with it it s a piece of shit, I did this project, Im probably ditching out theres nothing in it for me personally. It did nothing. Dont know why dont care when you tell a professional drummer femaile nothing for them no place to play or record, its a piece of shit, so fuckem and I dont give a fuckin shit you? would you? I dont give a fuck, other than copyright, they shit all over me and my life what I had, so I said fuck them, dotn give a fuck. I dont think I ever did, because no one did, they didnt give a fuck, I dont think I should either its to late, Ill be 39 years old in 6 months or something, its little late. What s happened all this, I stay upset, theres been no one to talk to about it, just people around I barely know nosey, then off the meds for a couple of years they make me sucidal,:' you probably need an anti depressant, do you want meds": I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR MONTHS THEY MAKE ME SUICIDAL WHO HAVE YOU BEEN TALKING TO WANTS ME TO BLOW MYF UCKIN BRAINS OUT WHO WHO?: I am very upset over allllll of it I can some days barely call to make my transportation rides, but you learn to cover it up or die or be hospitalized, when I say cover it up I mean keep it under control but its barely on the surface id be one of those that walk around sobbing, its very difficult, NO NOT OVER MUSIC music is liek the last thing im upset about, when all these things happen you become handicap theres no one to talk to so Ive been writing, talkign to the computer for nearly 9 years theres been no one'JW