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Band Update

New songs in the works and new tour dates added to the "Maybe twice if we like it tour"... We would also like to welcome Jason Evans, our new drummer and Matt Floyd our new bassist into the Anything Once family. Thank you all for your support over the years. You guys mean the world to us!!!

new update

With the new release of our new album "Words of Wisdom" we have gotten a lot of great reviews from fans and other partners working with us. Please spread the word to your friends and all music lovers. New shows will be posted for the "Words of Wisdom" tour very soon. A lot of big shows in the works. Who's ready to see us go National?? Your post and words are welcome and we would love to hear from all of you!!!

Band Update

It has been awhile since our fans got an update. So, we have been finishing up all of the material for the album and getting ready to perform the new material for you guys. We will be performing two hometown shows March 31st at the Chop Shop in Charlotte and April 7th at Amos Southend in Charlotte. Then we hit the road heading to Michigan to finish the full length album and for the first time introduce "Anything Once" LIVE!!! We thank you all for your love and support for our music over the years and we will see you soon!