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AL+Phonz / Blog

Blessed Journey (Promo)

I am Blessed! I am very thankful to upload my promo song Blessed Journey (Promo) for my highly anticipated album Blessed Journey. For the fans of AL+Phonz and the new fans that will enjoy my music and vocals I am thankful as always. Much love and continue to support AL+Phonz music and film. God Bless you and Peace...

Tour Dates 2014

AL+Phonz Tour Schedule

My desired tour locations for me to perform my songs in the year 2014 are:

1. London 2. Berlin 3. Tokyo 5. Puerto Rico 6. Hawaii 7. Los Angeles 8. Las Vegas 9. Toronto 10. Bahamas 11. Italy 12. Dallas 13. Boston 14. Miami 15. Hawaii (Yes twice) 16. Barcelona 17. Atlanta 18. Four Cities in Australia 19. Four Cities in Africa

It will be great to have this happen! Much love! AL+Phonz

Blessed Journey (The Album) AL+Phonz

God is amazing! I feel that I will have my entire first full length album distributed on the internet and itunes in December 2013. It has been a blessed journey thus I have entitled my first album Blessed Journey. Get excited for AL+Phonz as it will be a great successful album...much love. AL+Phonz.

Your Smile Feat. Aaliyah

Today I posted a new song entitled Your Smile Feat. Aaliyah. It is a wonderful journey creating music and enjoying the process. Much love to the people who enjoy my music and are genuinely supportive. You are appreciated. Thank you. AL+Phonz

Love At First Sight

I wrote the song after meeting a girl at the train station and decided to express the story. I created the track and recorded the vocals and the rest is history. I called my friend to harmonize the chorus with me and then I mixed the song. The Love At First Sight song was created! I want you to enjoy listening and much love. AL+Phonz

Each Day

Each day as I get closer to my dream reality I realize that my dream is already a reality as I have built equity in it like realty. I am blessed and enjoying my journey. I want you to enjoy my songs and videos and continue to follow me on twitter @rockstaralphonz and instagram thealphonz . Thanks and God Bless. Greatness! AL+Phonz


Thanks to everyone who been giving me love in reference to my music. I am very thankful and grateful. AL+Phonz.

Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013

God bless the new year 2013! AL+Phonz is enjoying and creating the best music and videos while touring and performing to national and international locations this year! Much love to all who have been on my team with the encouragement and love. I appreciate you all for sure! Thanks to GOD for another year! Blessings! AL+Phonz. With GOD all things are possible!

AL+Phonz Birthday Dec 18, Today.

Today is another blessed day and I give thanks to see another year which has been blessed through GOD. My journey is in GODs perfection and I give thanks to GOD for that guidance and love. AL+Phonz.

It's a New Month

Starting it with good vibes and greatness as I can see that many wonderful situations are starting. We will continue to strive at all times with the help of GOD. Praying for the families in NJ and NY that have been affected by Sandy. At these times we also give thanks for being able to witness situations and still be here. I have much thanks and gratitude at all times. Much love and blessings. AL+Phonz