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Michael Chiklis Band / Blog

Modern Drummer Interview

Check out this interview with MC from inside his new studio at his home in California. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjAxyxiieik&list=UUqjAitoyMCsMC2KP6yHN7WQ&feature=c4-overview

The Connection

Our 4th single to date as we continue our new journey together making music for all of you. A linear story exploring the notion of love (or lust) at first sight. Enjoy!

Social Scene

Social Scene is our third single which debuts exclusively at http://michaelchiklisband.com on 8/30/2012. Yes, we will place it on RN after a while but if you want to buy it or even hear it right away, you'll have to go to our site. The song is an ironic commentary about how much time we all spend as a society these days, alone in a room, yet in a "Social Scene." The internet has literally changed interpersonal interaction forever. In ways, it is a good thing and most of us couldn't imagine life without it but alas in other ways, it's not so great. This song cries out for the need to interact personally with another, in 3 dimensions not 2! It also marks our first offering with our new producer, Mr. Anthony J. Resta who's body of work extends over 3 decades and is extremely impressive. In short, Anthony has taken MCB to the next level from a production standpoint. So on August 30th, my birthday incidentally, go to our site, purchase our song and when you are surprised at how much you love it, tell everyone you know to buy it too! In this way, you will all help to make my birthday, a very happy one indeed! Cheers, Michael


Hi Folks! Well here it is, our official MCB Reverb Nation band page! The song that is posted for your streaming enjoyment is called MAKE ME HIGH! I wrote this song for the soundtrack of the upcoming feature film, High School starring Adrean Brodey, Collin Hanks and yours truly. It's a throwback to the glory days of Rock & Roll...1978 Aerosmith meets Boston. Of course our tongues are planted firmly in our cheeks of this one but we love it and hope you do to! I will be posting our other single, 'Til I Come Home here very soon and I'll tell you all about that track when I do. This is truly homegrown music, written and recorded in our humble home studios. The result is two very different singles, written for very different reasons. As I write this blog, MCB is hard at work producing it's debut album! The first two songs are already complete and as you will hear, we have taken the band to an entirely different level. The big difference? Our new producer, Anthony J. Resta A.K.A. Ajax Ray-O-Vaque! He is a multi-platinum award winning producer who's plugging MCB into the machine! The result is a huge, powerful sound that will knock you out and leave you wanting more! This is an exciting project for me, born from my love of music and life long friendship with my buddy Bob Pascarella AKA Pasc! Stay tuned and Rock on!