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Two fans two days , gone down three places , 4 fans today go down five places tomorrow., American maths lol ,good night guys thanks for the support.from us at down under.


Many thanks to all my American friends adding yourselves as fans it is so much appreciated ,great to get all the good comments on the songs i write. We are all following the americas cup back here in NZ, and find it a great spectacle. We are only a tiny country, but in sports, artists, bands songwriters,we do do very well on the worlds stage there are a lot of American supporters over there for us in the Americas Cup ,and we appreciate this as well, thanks again guys, Barry tightlipped.


fail to still see how the rankings work,you are in the tens of thousands,had a lot of new fans added,climbed rapidly, next morning,two new fans are added that wont change till overnight,but your numbers have dropped almost to zero,this means as we are a day difference in time zone in two days, band will have dropped way down , band is using the free version ,i think this has a lot to do with where you stand,dissapointed to say the least!!!


Whats with the people that fan us and it happens a bit ,you hammer the stats down then add new friends, so it keeps us down cmon

face book

hi guys what with building new house ripping down fencing from old home etc have been extremely busyare really rocking the charts on www.theaudience.co.nz/tightlipped take a look guys.My real post is fan me on fb and i will fan you back for some reason, the the fb little blue part does not show,only the amount of fans sitting at 423 fan us and we will fan you back thats what its all about, regards Bazz tightlipped.

thank you

wow 278 reverbnation fans thats huge thanks guys n girls,there have only been 5 added to this site ,or to be safe,8 that leaves us with 270 0verseas people,who have fanned our site, i don't ask for friendship on this site, but will fan you back if you like us, this gives us a chance to see who has come across our site, by there doing and that is pleasing,stand up America,cheers Bazz tightlipped, from our beautiful country New Zealand,peace to you.

Rosie ,Thank you for that,

Just me and song number three recorded these two songs, apart from the norm drums, bass guitars, vocals , a new ground breaking musical instrument was used ,an electric fan heater was stroked with no 3 sons fingernail across the grill, nothing else was used apart from standing for half an hr under a shade tree, sharing two ciggies as the tin was rather bare, whilst the engineer producer did the final tweets to the recording gear, historical day, recorded the two songs and said thank you for that, and gapped it.


very much appreciate the fans that, continue to support the band, peace from NZ.


Nice to know an ex heavy hitter from columbia is following and engaging in the bands music, chuffed/.


Thanks guys Uk America Canada, appreciate the support and comments from way down here at the bottom of the world., the site is good for getting my music out to the world which is good even though a lot of the sites offerings don't apply to the band its good to get our music out there and your views back, cheers for that, peace from NZ.