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Emily Silvestar (MuchLoveFromLondon) / Blog

My songs have moved around

The first 3 songs are me singing and a little bit of soft rap. The last 3 are hip hop :) M.L.F.L (much love from London)


What would i do if i couldn't do music?

Moshine The Don
Moshine The Don  (about 3 years ago)

Im not sure,I feel the same way

BillyCisco  (almost 3 years ago)

I would cease to exist! As a human with a soul and a heart I would wither and die without the expression of music. Music says all that I can not explain in mere words alone.


Its a new year and im feeling so positive. Time to make these dreams come true! M.L


Tis the season to b jolly. Joy to the world. I wish it could b xmas everyday. So here it is merry christmas everybodies having fun. It's the first of the month (lololol) Give thanks, eat, drink and b merry. Remember to keep giving back!!!! Happy holidays. #Idaretodream.


Thank u for all ur love and support. You have let me know that it is okay to 'think different'. Words can not express how much i appreciate each one of u!!! Keep dreaming and keep moving towards making ur dreams come true! M.L


I am slowly making progress in the charts. All because of ur love and support. U r all awesome. Much love to each one of u!!!!!!

Allow me to explain myself.

A lot of people mostly young dont notice a song is 'old school' or don't know about 'old school' music at all. I agree that majority of rap is poetic but some of the new commercial music to me is not. In my opinon. To me poetic rap is more Lauryn hill more so than some of the artist u have now. Its also just a way to say this is a softer, less aggressive rap rather than a full on gangster rap in one word. Poetic. British motown blues is my way of saying that i have taken 'old school' music and added a little british swagger. Motown is used because one song is from that era and another sounds like it could be. To young people when they see the word 'motown' they already know what music it is if they like that sort. People new to it will find out i hope by listening more to me just what motown music was and still is. I say British because i am and blues beacuse u have to feel a certain way to sing those songs. Blues music to me is always very real and heart felt and passionate. I hope when i sing and/or rap then that is what is heard. Much love

i am on twitter. @11emilythegreat.

i know my page does not say i am but i am. Lol. @11emilythegreat. Follow me and i'll follow bk. If i am already following u then much love!!!!

So glad to b bk

Been ill but i am slowly getting better. Thank u to everyone for the love and support. Love to u all. Now lets get bk to the music. M.L

Attention RN. Mengisto has arrived!!!! Show him some love. M.L

I have worked with Mengisto on a few songs in our group and now he has arrived. Show him some love. Bk soon. M.L