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The Resurrection / Blog

Remember when Metal did not involve Crying and Whining?

I remember when metal was pure aggression. There was nothing better then going to a show and taking out your frustration in the pitt. These days it seems alot of the younger generation are taking metal to a softer more sensitive place. I cant count on both hands how many times I've gone to see a band that starts there first song with a brutal death metal influenced riff only to go into a pop sounding chorus and cry and whine about some girl leaving him. I respect all music and musicians but this trend is getting out of control. If you choose to play that type of pop influenced metal give us true metal heads some warning. Don't show up at your gig wearing a Corpse concert tee and misslead us. This will save us the agony of listening to Blink 182 and you the embbarrisment of us pointing and laughing. Believe it or not we dont care if your girlfriend left you or mommy dont understand.