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In the Studio

Every time I've recorded anything in a studio - this will be my fourth studio release, actually - I look forward to it a ridiculous amount. Sometime in between all the gigs and all the new songwriting, it's easy to forget how much frickin' work it is to record something of quality.

The pressure keeps getting bigger. No band to hide behind if the songs aren't spectacular anymore. I'm financing this with a pizza maker's salary when, in reality, I should be saving for college and other things. When it comes to music, I seem to spend without really thinking. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Probably both.

Tonight was a slow day in the studio. Two new scratch tracks and final guitar lain down for one of the simplest songs. Not the most productive tuesday ever. Shooting for an August 16th release on a 17 song album, it looks like it might be pretty tight.

The last full-length album I came out with, a lot of corners were cut and the quality was awful. I easily consider it as one of the lowest points of my life when we had to put that record out. We only made enough copies to break even, because putting out bad music is a horrible investment for the future.

It's safe to say I learned from my mistakes and will never make them again. If it's not ready by August 16th, it won't be released. What I release will be my life's work up to this point - a freeze frame of where I am as a musician and what I'm feeling as a person. It won't be the greatest record ever written. It probably won't be a revelation to most people. But it will be a revelation to me when I listen to the record and realize I have the potential to do this the rest of my life, and affect other people in the process. For the better.

This time, I won't settle for anything less than that.

For now, Robby Poffenberger II