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Robert L Blust / Blog

Open Mic Night CD "FREE"

Come see me play and get a FREE CD! My Live 6 song CD Open Mic Night is free for all the fans who come to hear me play at Shady O' Grady's Pub. Monday from 8 till 11pm.

Live shows & New Music

Playing shows around town. Bob Cushings Acoustic Open Mic Night at "Shady O' Grady's Pub". 9443 Loveland Madeira Rd Loveland Ohio, 45140. Come out and See Bob Cushing, Robert L Blust and who ever shows up to play. Every Monday night 8 til 11pm. I will be playing and posting New Original Music very Soon.

Songs, Set List 3.

·.1. Time. Pink Floyd. 2. Us and Them. Pink Floyd. 3. Driven Under. Seether. 4. Rocken In The Free World. Neil Young. 5. No Excuses. Alice In Chains. 6. Alcohaulin Ass. Hellyeah. 7. Your Time Is Gona Come. Led Zeppelin. 8. Feel Like Makin Love. Bad Co. 9. Wanted Dead or Alive. Bon Jovi. 10. Heart of Gold. Neil Young. 11. Hard To Let You Go. R.L.B. 12. Open Mic Night. R.L.B. 13. Hollow. Godsmack. .

Songs, Set List 2.

1. Baba O' Riley. The Who. 2. Squeeze Box. The Who. 3. Crocodile Rock. Elton John. 4. Duke of Earl. Gene Chandler. 5. Take It On The Run. REO Speedwagon. 6. I Remember You. Skid Row. 7. Woundeful To Night. Eric Clapton. 8. Breathe, Brain Damage. Pink Floyd. 9. Rock N Roll Insomniac. R.L.B. 10. Metal Head. R.L.B. 11. Runing Blind. Godsmack. 12. Nothing Else Matters. Metallica. .

Songs, Set List 1.

. ·.1. Lucky Man. E.L.P. 2. Knights In White Satin. Moddy Blues. 3. The Wizaed. Uriah Heep. 4. Witchey Woman. Eagles/R.L.B. 5. Blue On Black. Kenny W Shepherd. 6. Nuttshell. Alice In Chains. 7. Breath. Breaking Benjamin. 8. Wish You Where Here. Pink Floyd. 9. See You Tonight. KISS. 10. Sex & Candy. Marcy Playground. 11. Going To California. Led Zeppelin. 12. Hotel California. Eagles. .

Me and My Music, Not just a singer song writer.

Acoustic Rock N Roll with Heavy Metal Balls and a Grunge Soul. Yes I am an Acoustic Driven Rocker who is a Metal Head into bands like Led-Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, KISS Godsmack, Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin & Avenged Sevenfold just to name a few.I have some interesting Original Music a cross Mixture of Heavy Metal,Rock N Roll, Grunge and World Music. I also Love to play Open Mic Nights I found those shows are great for testing New songs and guaging how well they go over at the Bars, Clubs and Local Pubs.