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Randy Clark / Blog

A Concept to Share

Fans, Friends and Reverbnation musical family, Supporting music is the most important thing I do as part of my human family. All of us on this planet we call home have our talent, this is what we share into experience in this life. I feel that music is a powerful energy that orders life and brings the sublime into existence. We are the leaders, the force that will create a new awakening and awareness in our global family. I know I long for a peaceful world that thrives in abundance and justice for all people and music is the vibration that will bring our world into it's potential. We are the leaders. With this in mind I noticed something in my Admin. Screen. My profile views are 3 to 5 times the plays on my site. I understand some people are looking for something to listen to and that my music might not be what they want at the time. But it also suggests that many regulars and members are hitting pages, fanning people but not listening to the music. Plays are what boost rankings not profile views. Rankings are not that important to me. I use my sight to promote my music mostly to potential clients and club owners. A Ranking that is respectful certainly makes an impression to someone from outside Reverbnation coming to listen to a potential employee. When I visit a site, I become a fan, I listen to a couple of tunes, look at their photos and hit the connection links on their site. I “Like" their Facebook page. Leave a comment and support any other links ( link buttons in the more info.tab) on their RN site. Please don't think I am preaching but take this as my way of sharing a concept and supporting my Reverbnation musical family and their work that is important for all of us. Best Energy to you, Randy

Release it.

Through the years I have written songs that I have not released because they were on the edge, the fringe of mainstream thought and the accepted social belief. I have decided to let fly re-record and release some of those song that I wrote and put on a shelf because it might be disturbing to some. Inspired by what I have discovered, lived through, stepped in and know to be true. They are coming soon. Hope they will be understood, tolerated, hated or loved. None of that matters only feeling the intent matters. Randy

Moving On and Embracing the Excitement

Many experiences in life are of great value and completely satisfying. I have been very fortunate to be involve in musical projects that have helped me grow. It seems that experiences grow along with you and have a growth life of their own. As an experience reaches it's full growth many times it demands the participants to change. They change and further growth happens and often times the a new experience altogether emerges. Sometimes growth dictates change that may not be in your comfort zone. I must follow growth and let it lead me to the path of the higher mind creates. I promise I will follow. I bid fulfilled experiences a fond farewell. I greet the new and unknown with excitement. Randy

New Road Traveled with Buddy Boy!

I have teamed up with a good friend of mine an excellent songwriter, performer, Buddy Boy. He also has a Revebnation site and Facebook page entitled Buddy Boy Music. Stop by and leave a comment or become a fan on our pages. Buddy and I have embarked on a band collaboration that is exciting. We have danced around the idea of teaming up for two years and have finally kicked it in gear. I am thrilled and honored to be working with Buddy Boy! We are working and gigging in central Texas and playing more and more. I hope you will take the time to come out see us perform, and support out efforts. Come out and meet Frank our new drummer. We are making music that excites, and we are having fun doing it. See you at one of our shows. Randy

Record Your Life

I have finally promised myself that I would faithfully record my musical life. More photos, blogs and of course the music. For so long I have let recording more of my material be on the back bunner to writing and performing. I have promised myself I will lock myself in my studio and record my songs. It is time to release the music locked in notebooks and let the cosmos take it where it will. Performing is so much fun and necessary to get your name out there but recording and selling my music can take it to the next level. Here goes. Very soon more tunes will be up on my site and on CD... See ya' on the flip side. Randy


Vibration and energy are the stuff of dreams and everything that is in the universe. The most sublime expression of energy is music. It seems everything is light and sound on one level/density or the other. To have music in my life and the peace it gives holds me in tune with beauty. Music focuses my passion and fuels my gratitude for all that I am. Sharing music is an expression of joy and fullfilment. It attracts so many beautiful souls to me. Gratefully, Randy

Living the Dream

I finally started to live my dream again. I am taking the time to do some writing and arranging and adding music to my portfoio of songs. It seems it is easy to get lost in the rat race and loose time and site of a dream. I have found in the past few months that dreams don't age or fade away they mellow and mature with time. So I recomend you pick up that art, music, designing, building businesses or anything you have dreamed of and hit it hard. It has been waiting patiently for you to remember who you are. Like that faithful dog that waits for his master your dream holds in que. Your dream is alive and well inside the dormant volcano. Let it erupt. See you soon. Randy