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Jillian Kohr / Blog

Radio Tour

Had a Great time today in Williamsburg Kentucky at 104.3 EZCountry Radio! Thank You So Much For Having Me and Playing "What You've Done" on Your Station! I am Truly Honored! ~Jillian Kohr

Have a Beautiful Evening Friends! ~Jillian

Have a Beautiful Evening Friends! ~Jillian

Thank You!

Thank You All for Your Beautiful Comments! It Means the World to Me! Have a Beautiful Day Everyone! ~Jillian

Have a Beautiful Week Friends!

Have a Beautiful Week Friends! 3 ~Jillian Kohr

Love Hope Strength

I am Very Happy to Announce that I am a Proud Supporter of the "Love Hope Strength Foundation". Now a portion of the proceeds from my music will go towards supporting this great cause! Thanks for all of your help! ~Jillian Kohr

"What You've Done" Hits Radio!

Thanks to all of the Amazing Radio Stations that have been spinning my newest single "What You've Done"! I am so honored that I have your support! You Rock! ~Jillian

On Radio Tour

I am having a Blast visiting Radio Stations in Pennsylvania and New York this week promoting my newest single "What You've Done"! A Big Thank You To Froggy101, Thunder102, Wiggle100 and CJ Country Radio for Having Me On The Show! It's Been A Pleasure! You Guys ROCK! ~Jillian Kohr

"What You've Done" Available On ITunes!!!

"What You've Done" is Now Available on ITunes! Get Your Copy Today! ~J


I Tunes!

"What You've Done" is Now Available on ITunes! Get Your Copy Today! ~J

About Me

About Me: I'm a people person! My job is to write songs, sing and entertain people with my music. It means everything to me! I'm addicted to Sci-Fi movies, The American Pickers and Pawn Stars. I have a huge DVD collection. I'm an Aries, my favorite color is purple and my lucky number is seven. My favorite food groups include Sushi, Mexican and Cracker Barrel. I could seriously live at Cracker Barrel! I love to bake for people and have people cook for me! I love old vintage stuff, especially guitars and cars. Let me rephrase that...muscle cars and loud guitars! I love to fish but I never catch anything. I love to tweet. I can't live without Starbucks. I grew up listening to Rock N Roll and Blues music, but I have always loved the story line in Country music and what it stands for so my music naturally reflects all of that. I'm an animal lover, a true cowgirl- having owned cows, and I've been riding a horse for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite possessions is a picture of me holding an acoustic guitar in my grand dad's lap when I was just three. It's still my favorite instrument today! My hair is black cherry red for a reason. Yes! I'm a firecracker with a rebellious attitude! I love sweet iced tea, the sweeter the better. My music is my life. I'll always stay true to myself and true to you! P.S. Sometimes I ramble on! ;) ~Jillian Kohr