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Jillian Kohr / Blog

Thank You!

Thank You All for Your Beautiful Comments! It Means the World to Me! Have a Beautiful Day Everyone! ~Jillian

Have a Beautiful Week Friends!

Have a Beautiful Week Friends! 3 ~Jillian Kohr

Love Hope Strength

I am Very Happy to Announce that I am a Proud Supporter of the "Love Hope Strength Foundation". Now a portion of the proceeds from my music will go towards supporting this great cause! Thanks for all of your help! ~Jillian Kohr

"What You've Done" Hits Radio!

Thanks to all of the Amazing Radio Stations that have been spinning my newest single "What You've Done"! I am so honored that I have your support! You Rock! ~Jillian

On Radio Tour

I am having a Blast visiting Radio Stations in Pennsylvania and New York this week promoting my newest single "What You've Done"! A Big Thank You To Froggy101, Thunder102, Wiggle100 and CJ Country Radio for Having Me On The Show! It's Been A Pleasure! You Guys ROCK! ~Jillian Kohr

"What You've Done" Available On ITunes!!!

"What You've Done" is Now Available on ITunes! Get Your Copy Today! ~J


I Tunes!

"What You've Done" is Now Available on ITunes! Get Your Copy Today! ~J

About Me

About Me: I'm a people person! My job is to write songs, sing and entertain people with my music. It means everything to me! I'm addicted to Sci-Fi movies, The American Pickers and Pawn Stars. I have a huge DVD collection. I'm an Aries, my favorite color is purple and my lucky number is seven. My favorite food groups include Sushi, Mexican and Cracker Barrel. I could seriously live at Cracker Barrel! I love to bake for people and have people cook for me! I love old vintage stuff, especially guitars and cars. Let me rephrase that...muscle cars and loud guitars! I love to fish but I never catch anything. I love to tweet. I can't live without Starbucks. I grew up listening to Rock N Roll and Blues music, but I have always loved the story line in Country music and what it stands for so my music naturally reflects all of that. I'm an animal lover, a true cowgirl- having owned cows, and I've been riding a horse for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite possessions is a picture of me holding an acoustic guitar in my grand dad's lap when I was just three. It's still my favorite instrument today! My hair is black cherry red for a reason. Yes! I'm a firecracker with a rebellious attitude! I love sweet iced tea, the sweeter the better. My music is my life. I'll always stay true to myself and true to you! P.S. Sometimes I ramble on! ;) ~Jillian Kohr

"What You've Done"

What You've Done is Jillian's first original single following her successful Unplugged Album. Check out Jillian's Music on ITunes @ ITunes:itunes.apple.com Like it on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Jilliankohrmusic Follow on Twitter @Jilliankohr

"What You've Done"

I had an amazing time writing this song with Gary Cirimelli and Ollie Kohr. The lyric has so much emotion and is so empowering that when we recorded the vocal it just poured out of me! Harrison Whitford put the killer electric guitar riffs on the track and nailed it! This song was so much fun for me to make and I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! With Love ~Jillian

High Road Music
High Road Music  (almost 2 years ago)

Jillian, the passion that you sing with pours out of your heart and soul so beautifully. It's been such a long time since I've heard a singer with such an original and beautiful voice. I listen to you every day. It's so awesome to feel the music the way you sing it. It just sinks in deep! Can't wait to hear more of your music.