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2013 Is Our Year UKNOIT

Last year we got our label (M.S) off the ground thanks to my label mate Ron Artist. Our empire is on the rise. More videos, more music, More M.S #UKNOIT

New music on the way

2012 is here and we're working!! M.S is the team bringing you the best music around. Stay tuned, there will be new music & new videos coming soon. #UKNOIT

Come & Listen to Mo'wett!!

support the movement become a fan &nd spread the music. Leave comments and any feedback for M.S Records.


New to the game

I first heard about this reverbnation from my cousin (Mar-T) about two months ago, we where at my cousins house making a song. He told me that it was a good way to manage all your music sites at once & get more fans. I didn't really look into it till last month I noticed some of my other friends had a page. I jumped on and made me a page. I have to say that this tis the best site ive been on so far. I dont have to jump from page to page to update all my music. I just upload a song and it goes to twitter,myspace,facebook & others. Reverbnation is a great site.