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The Silver Conductor / Blog

"Always Remembered" 2014

Hello and MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. Sorry for being away so long but as some of you might know I've been putting together our annual celebration show in memory of my brother Robert F. Brookins, Musical director/co-lead vocalist for Earth Wind & Fire. http://youtu.be/-31zMYqmhvc I promise I will be coming back at you hard and musically heavy after June 14th for real, Believe that! The SC.

Is it Summer yet? 87 degrees was Hot!

The SC here. Can't wait for it gotta have it, no I'm taking Sexy luv I'm talkin bout: https://www.youtube.com/v/hmekUxDA9xE

WTH? Hidden in plain sight

Had an AWESOME day today, how about You? MusicLuv is my motto. A BIG surprise is coming even in this hard fought battle we are in, tying to make a Bling lifestyle doin this music thang. Heads up, music blaring let's Do This! the SC.

"Friday Feelin" Ok!

Let me know if you are feelin this :) A little weekend sumtin sumtin, The SC. http://bit.ly/OQtKwH

Thursday Temptation is to write a new song

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see hear and read this. Have you planned your work and are now working your plan? if the answer is no STOP! what you are doing and GET BUSY! What are you waiting for and WHY are you waiting? Now is the time so Do It!

Damn! It's the "Wrong Number"

Check out my latest video. All the promises from ladies and still the "Wrong Number" Heyy Now! MusicLuv, The SC. http://youtu.be/llq35MUPdWs

The new price is FREE! WTW? (what the what)

Ok new year means Let's get busy and climb this Platinum mountain together Ya'll, that's my Texas roots comin out,Cali guy now :) With the new price of our creative efforts being pushed now as free, we as indie artist or the vast majority of us who are, give em that in exchange for their email and build on that list daily, that will be your true money maker in this social media record industry we are ALL now a part of. For more info go to my blog site... The Silver Conductor's blog. MusicLuv, The SC.


Ok we are off and running now, new year and by now new goals set for what you are going to accomplish this year. How do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time. Plan your work and work your plan, That's how we do it. Big things comin so keep your eyes ears and heart open. MusicLuv, The SC.

She gave me the "Wrong Number"

We live in a singles world as musicians now so after going out to my favorite night spot, saw a beautiful lady that had all I was looking for until she gave me the "Wrong Number" WTW? check out my single. The SC.

What's really wrong with the music Industry?

Can someone Pleeze tell me how are we really going to continue to make a livable living with the way Streaming income percentages are? Millions being made off our creative content but yet we're receiving pitons? Life as we know it today cannot survive without music it really can't, it's like the air we breath, "We The People" gotta have. MusicLuv, The SC. p.s. Let me know what cha thinkin. Peace.