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Liam McFadden / Blog

Mutual respect

Please don't link up as a "fan" if you haven't even bothered to listen to the music! I've had 4 new fans in 2 days, but 0 plays in 6 days on ReverbNation!

Darlington UK performances Dec 6 & 7

I'm playing at Darlington's CAFOD Cabaret again this year with 'the band': Richard Currie, Ed Turnbull and Tim Firth. It's a two-nighter, Fri 6th and Sat 7th December, and we'll be playing a short set on both nights. I'm indebted to these kind gentlemen who come from far and wide (maybe we should call the band "The Magi") to perform. I'm looking forward to the rehearsal(s)!

Boston April 2013

I wrote "Rivers And Bridges" after the dreadful London bombings of July 2005. It's about overcoming adversity and carrying on with our ordinary lives in defiance of the cowardly terrorists who will never overcome the far greater goodness in most human hearts. My thoughts today are very much with the victims of the latest atrocity in Boston.

Host a 'Liam McFadden' house concert!

UK fans - house concert, anyone? 'How to...' at this link:


Nominated for Venture Radio Artist of the Year 2010

I am delighted and honoured to be among the 14 nominees for the Venture Radio Artist of the Year 2010. If you'd like to cast your vote for me, it's easy to do so at the attached link. Just visit the page and click on the button next to my name. Your vote will be recorded and I will love you forever! You can cast one vote per day until the poll closes. http://www.ventureradio.co.uk/

Liam on Internet radio 1st November 2010

BOB BIRCH RADIO Tonight - Music Into The Night 10pm UK time on Venture Radio & RFTK Radio - Denise Brigham, Patrick Basile, Ade Carr, John Denver,Tommie Brewster, Ray Charles, Orly Vardy, Liam McFadden, Marco Maenza,Jo Staffard, Beatles, Nick Barnes, Liz Ryan, BB King and much, much more! Don't forget: clocks went BACK an hour in the UK so please check your local times around the world.

'Talk To The Wall' exclusively at Bandcamp

‘Talk To The Wall’ is a new compilation of the best of my material from 2006 to 2010. The collection features old favourites such as ‘Gliders’ and ‘Can’t Change The World’ alongside brand-new, previously unreleased recordings like ‘You Must Think I’m Stupid’. The new songs do not feature on any other album and are available ONLY from Bandcamp (http://liammcfadden.bandcamp.com/) or on CD at live shows. Bandcamp charges artists like me a lower rate of commission so, in turn, I can offer listeners lower prices than iTunes and the like. Payment is easy and straightforward and you DON’T have to open an account with Bandcamp or with Paypal or anyone else. Your card details are dealt with securely and confidentially by Paypal (representing me): I don’t ever see them. You can also listen to the entire album online for free, and yes, technically, you could ‘bootleg’ the music, but the online preview quality is not as good as the download quality. Besides, I hope you’ll support me by legally downloading your favourite tracks to your mp3 player! Please consider that I don’t have a record company behind me and I bear all the costs of production. Single track downloads are only 40p (half the price of iTunes) and a full 16-track album download is only £5. Thanks for your support! (http://liammcfadden.bandcamp.com/) Liam


'You Must Think I'm Stupid' and 'Rivers And Bridges 2010' posted on the player; gradually getting my head around my new recording system. Relax. Liam

New toy

Evening all. This afternoon I've been playing with a new piece of recording kit and I've recorded a new version of an old song to try out some of the bells and whistles. It's a stripped down version of 'Rivers And Bridges' and, aside from the bongo drums, represents the sound Richard Currie and I are making in rehearsals for our live show on October 3rd. I'm pleased with this first effort with the new gear and excited about the possibilities. So much so, that I'll probably re-record sections of the new CD in progress, which will delay its release by some months. Apologies to those who are waiting for that, but hopefully I can improve on what's already 'in the can'. This new version of 'Rivers And Bridges' is available to stream or download for free. Best wishes, Liam

Liam on Bob Birch's 'Music Into The Night' on Venture Radio

Included in tonight's show (3rd May 2010) are: KATHLEEN GORMAN LIAM McFADDEN TODD GORDON ft JAQUIE DANKWORTH ADE CARR with his brand new song McGOOZER MONICA CHAPMAN PEGGIE PERKINS DONNA GREENBERG JEFF BECK with a haunting song from his new album ft IMELDA MAY PATRICK BASILE ORLY VARDY And many more! Music Into The Night 10pm - Midnight UK time,,,,, only on Venture Radio! Tune in via the website www.ventureradio.co.uk