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GLIEM / Blog

~First Instinct~

~I usually go with my first instinct when I'm writing. Anything that you feel needs to be changed can be fleshed out later~ :)

~The magic 8 ball says YES!~

~If you love it, it's right for you. If you get goosebumps and a positive vibe each time you do something,....it's definitely pointing towards..YES!!~ :)

~Live and feeling free~ :)

~We've been rehearsing a lot lately to get together two new tunes for the upcoming recording sessions. "Unleash a Frozen Fire" and "Fool". This will be recorded as live bed tracks. Anything such as vocal harmonies etc., will be overdubbed afterwards. I believe that recording live can capture the musicians essence, and it feels more free....you can play off of each other.~ Sweet!~ :)

~The Song will always let you know~

~The song will always let you know which direction it wants to take. It will just feel right when it's done. I find it amazing to see a song materialize from hand, to pen to paper. Sometimes I buy a new pen or writing book, just to open my mind to the possibility of a new song heading my way~ :)

~Unleash a Frozen Fire~

~Finished writing two new songs! "Unleash a Frozen Fire" and "Fool" Excited to get them tracked!!!~

~lyrics from Moonlight~

~The moon is so beautiful and serene looking I wonder if she ever feels alone Nestled within the trees sublime Could she ever really belong to anyone Eyes behold your beaconing light Feeling their stares caressing you once again Just one look and you will never be forgotten You make me dream of places unknown For from where you are, you see everything...~ (lyrics from Moonlight by Melodie Gliem)


~I love writing music, most of the songs I write are written with guitar and vocal at the same time. I don't judge what initially shows up, because I realized that I don't have to use it if I don't like it. :) I believe the songs that have the most feeling are the ones that just seem to flow out, as if I've known it all along. I just leave myself in total abandon to the song that is about to appear~

~GLIEM radiostar/supernova!~

~To vote GLIEM into the top 50 in the Radiostar/Supernova contest visit http://radiostar.supernova.com/MelodieGLIEM Thanking u! voting ends Jan. 16th~ :)

~GLIEM live footage!~

~GLIEM "Where You Stand" live performance January 6 2012 at The Club~ http://youtu.be/E4OHEXFj5ZA Had a blast!~ :)

~GLIEM upcoming gig about to arrive!~

~GLIEM will be performing a set at The Exchange in Regina,Sask. this Friday Jan. 6th! We should be taking the stage at around 10:30 p.m. Love to play! Hoping to catch some video~