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~GLIEM in Radiostar/Supernova songwriting contest!~

~GLIEM in Radiostar/Supernova songwriting contest! To vote/comment go to radiostar.supernova.com/MelodieGLIEM Thanks to everyone who stops by to vote!~

~Singing for a Cause~

~~~Update on December 3rd Fundraiser~~~ ~Many people gathered and many musicians performed at the Fundraiser for Irene, the girl who was severely burned in the refinery explosion~ They raised a lot of moula, sold a lot of booze...around 70 cases of beer I heard. Lol! Thirsty people. There was a guitar there that Gordon Lightfoot autographed and donated! All the tickets were sold, and the place was packed! I had a great time performing! People there for the sake of wanting to help another, gave the place a very positive vibe. I talked to some friends, and met a lot of cool people. My heart is always into singing for a good cause~ :)

~Benefit Concert on Saturday!~

~GLIEM will be performing a set at a benefit concert on Saturday Dec. 3rd at The Eagles Club, Regina, Sask.! We should be taking the stage around 8:00 p.m.~

~Benefit Concert Gig~

~GLIEM will be performing a set at a benefit concert on Saturday Dec. 3rd at The Eagles Club!~

~Immerse yourself~

I love to laugh. I completely love singing to people, so every night I get to do this is amazing! I definitely urge all of you out there that have a love of music to immerse yourself in your passion. :)

~On The Horizen~

~Saturday November 19th you can find us at The Gaslight! On Saturday December 3rd we will be performing at a Fundraiser! More details coming soon...~

~Time is in your hands~

Upcoming gigs on the horizen, more pics and videos soon! ~~~Time is in your hands, I see your dreams are similar to mine~~~ Lyrics from Holding”

~Breaking ground, feeling free~

Had a blast at The Gaslight gig on Friday!~ Walking the world see it all, inclination strong, all surrounding, breaking ground feeling free~

"I Say WTF!"

I always love to see people following their dreams. This world can get so busy and filled with daily obligations, that sometimes I think we forget about what we are passionate about. I say WTF! Life is short...immerse yourself in what you love to do! :)

....Follow Your Heart....

Life is strange, it can change so fast and circumstances can shine a light on what's really important. "What's your dream?" .......Follow Your Heart.......