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Citizen Johnny / Blog

Komments To The Citizen

Fan counts, stats, numbers, charts - it's all nonsense! Your comments matter & i'm grateful to u all! Johnny xoxo

My Thanks!

Appreciating the comments on my music, thanks to you all who've done so! slainte mhor ;-) Johnny

Baby Boy Coming Soon!

Gr8 news for our family, my wife is pregnant & it's a boy! What will we call him? That would be telling, but u can be sure it'll be a Celtic-Gaelic name to match our 1st 3 sons. He's due upon the world in Nov. Bring him on! ;-) xoxox

My Thanks!

My Thanks - 2 all of the Reverbnation, Twitter & Fb musical communities who've supported my works up til now & in the future. From the dodgiest early demos, to full electric band representations of my songs, to my latest bare-boned full-on acoustic productions with added mastering by Tom S Ray, sum ppl have kept faith all the way. Sum are new to my works. I thank U ALL! Johnny [JG] McCloskey xoxo

The Lion Beneath The Stars

Vote YES! is the message of this song & NEW VIDEO to go with it, in the run up to the Scottish Independence Referendum on Sept 18th, 2014. Enjoy... Saor Alba!

May Musings

Finally made it back up to my attic to record some nu sounds. A spliced thumb due to an arguement with a tin opener caused more delay than necessary! lol Anyway, sounds & images for 2 nu EP releases this year are shaping up ;-) Hope ur having a productive, creative fun time too xoxo

Easter Greetings!

Happy Easter y'all! Have a gr8 1! JG xoxo

April 2014

'Fan Them Back' doesn't seem to be working just now, so bear with me folks, i'll have to add u manually ;-) JG

Musical March

Marching onwards i go - many nu original songs in the pipeline + the odd cover version too. [Working on a Shane MacGowan song right now.] Trying to work 2 seperate albums in tandem this year, 1 inspired by my island surroundings, the other entirely Irish in flavour. The odd song slips thro now & then that doesn't fit either project, but it's all good. Happy writing & demoing wherever u are! ;-)

Open Mic Euro Network

https://www.facebook.com/groups/openmicnetworkeu/ Join here & post your open mic night from anywhere in Europe!