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March Newsletter

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you all well. I know, this email is late, you were all wondering why this silence. I was lazy.

Ok, so here are a couple of news: I had a great time playing at Shrine, a cool hang in Harlem, with pianist Romain Collin, drummer Nick Anderson and bassist Chris Sullivan. My fellow facebookers can watch the video of our rendition of Freddie Hubbard's "Up Jumped Spring". It is not on Youtube because it is more than 10 minutes, yes we play Jaaaaazzzzzz, so we never play a tune under 10 minutes.

Ok, I got a couple of cool concerts coming up in NYC, check out the details in the calendar.

Oh, I have been asked to give some explanation about the scale workout, so I have added my tutorial video to the pile on Youtube. Well, I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about this, posting this highly not-produced video, but then I watched some lesson videos and that made me feel safer. Well, first it made me laugh, specially the lessons by rock guitarists. you can laugh at mine at youtube.com/alexterrier.

Now, if you're still reading, you are a die-hard fan of mine. So here is the real news: if you go to zazzle.com/alexterrier* you will access a marvelous page where you can purchase some beautiful merchandise designed by yours truly. T-Shirts, buttons, mouse pad, coffee cups, baby stuff... you'll have the choice. Now the cool thing is that if, and only if, you buy some merchandise I will give you some MP3s (from the album "Roundtrip") for free according to a very complex scale:

If you spend You wil get $1-4.99 1 MP3 $5-9.99 2 MP3s $10-11.99 3 MP3s $12-14.99 4 MP3s $15-19.99 5 MP3s $20-24.99 6 MP3s $25 and more the entire album!

Smart, huh? ATTENTION: I do not have your information when you buy something from the Zazzle store. I only receive the transaction ID (and the cash). Contact me with your transaction ID and the track(s) you want.

Did you know?

I am now an uncle :-)

Thank you all for the support!

Alex Terrier

As you might already know, there is a continuous growth of the music downloading trend. It is with this in mind that Barking Cat Records and Alex Terrier urge you to take just a few moments of your time to write a review of the music you purchase from iTunes or any other digital store (CD Baby, Amazon...).

We have tremendous appreciation for the strong fan base that we have accumilated over the years, and would like to keep expanding our audience. One simple way of doing that is letting your voices be heard - if you like what you have heard from us let the rest of the world know!

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go on my website to see the newest blogs I have posted! some concert reviews, some jokes... www.alexterriermusic.com

Upcoming album!!!

Hello everyone

Here is the link to a blog where you can learn about my upcoming album "Round Trip Paris/New York" and find out how you can help me!


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Alex Terrier

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Holger Scheidt Quartet, European Tour

Hi my friends We are Monday January 12, and I can take some time to write a little bit about the great time I'm having on this tour. I flew last friday morning from Paris to Berlin where I met Holger Scheidt (bass) and Steve Davis (drums). After dropping off our luggage at the appartment Holger got for us, I had a couple of hours to kill before the rehearsal. I went in the cold to wander in Berlin. I finally got into the former TV tower. From the top of this tower you have a panoramic view of Berlin that is pretty fantastic. We were in the former East Germany part of Berlin and the general architecture is not to deny that! The concert at the club B Flat was great. Big room, nice stage in front of a huge window through which you see the street. We had a blast for this first concert of the tour. The funny thing is that there is a red light that lights up if the band plays too loud, and it usually cuts the sound. But in this club they have only the red light. For the first set I thought a guy was trying to make the lights go with the music because we played too loud for this light pretty much the whole concert! The next day we drove to Munich, long drive! we played on Sunday mornig in some kind of a city building. Playing in the morning is a total different thing... but it went smoothly and gave us the whole afternoon to walk in the country. We are now about to go back to Munich to play at the Black Box which is a very nice room. Soundcheck is at 2:30pm while the concert is at 8pm... don't ask me why...

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