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Cold Hit Ruby / Blog


When you're a child, the world is full of giants. If you were lucky like me, you had loving giants there to take care of you. Maybe they were your parents, grandparents, or older siblings. Whoever they may have been, this song is a tribute to those who helped shape who and what we are today. Some have passed on, and we offer a toast to their memory. If they are still here, recognize what a gift it is that you were loved, and tell them so. One night as a child, the fear of death consumed me. I ran to my mother crying, and I remember her smiling, and doing her best to comfort my fears. It is a fact of life that our fates our sealed...we live and we die here. But do we disappear...or is one reality traded for another? Perhaps it's the world that disappears, and we truly have nothing to fear. That hope makes me smile.