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Music Army | Motive Interview | Mars in Nipomo

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Three years ago today at 3pm I died...

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Lou Mars Band Warped Tour 2014

Lou Mars Band is now at a 72.5% Buzz Feed rating, almost to our 75% goal! Your vote keeps us alive on stage! http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/LouMars Get this band back on the road and to your town!! http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/LouMars Your Vote keeps the Lou Mars Band on stage for the Vans Warped Tour 2014! Click this link to place your vote daily and stream music from the Lou Mars Band: http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/LouMars Thank you for supporting NEW Original Music!! More from the Lou Mars Band at: http://loumarsofficial.com

Lou Mars Band Special “Story Teller” and CD Release Party

The Lou Mars Band to perform a special “Story Teller” show and CD Release party Friday, April 25th, on the 'new' Otter Rock Cafe sound stage, located in Morro Bay California, 885 Embarcadero.

The 90 minute set will feature the most popular original selections from the Lou Mars song catalog, along with NEW material from his 4th and latest CD Release “4NO1” (but u). The set will also include selected covers taken from the Lou Mars Guinness Marathon Drumming World Record documentary “Beat 5.” The Otter Rock show will provide an intimate setting for Lou Mars to reveal the back-story behind his most popular songs.

The Lou Mars Band is Jonal Clauff (Guitar Vocals), David Chock (Bass, Vocals), and Lou Mars (Drums, Synth, Vocals).

Professional musician, recording artist and author; Lou Mars, career spans over 30 years. Mars drumming was featured in the 'Dixon Drum Your Way to Hollywood' televised special which aired on the Comcast on demand A&R Channel in 2008. The program was edited and reissued by Dixon in 2010 with Mars as the featured artist titled “How to be a Great Drummer.” Mars also appeared in the Warner Brothers recording artist Sharon MaRee music video "The Way You Love Me" which received heavy rotation on the GMC channel in 2009. In 2010 Mars performed for 5 days straight for the Guinness Book World Record Marathon Drumming category, a total of 108.5 hours to place himself as one of only four drummers world-wide to ever play beyond 100 consecutive hours, and the second longest drum performance ever recorded, at the time of the event.

After a near fatal motorcycle accident in 2011, Mars bounced back by writing, composing and performing all of the instruments (many from a wheel chair) for three CD releases “Broken, Phoenix Ashes, and Reflect.” produced from 2011 thru 2013. On April 04, 2014 Lou released his 4th CD titled 4NO1 (but u). The Lou Mars song catalog is written as a soundtrack to support his upcoming book release titled “Beat Alive” due out in 2014.

Although Mars performs “all' of the instruments on his recordings, his hand selected band performs the songs live under the Lou Mars Band branding.

Find more from the Lou Mars Band at: http://loumarsofficial.com

New Shows | New CD Cover

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Mars Blog Page Update -

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Beat Alive Excerpt - Part 26 - Knocked Down

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Beat Alive Excerpt - Part 26 - Knocked Down

Vicki was tall and lean, with a body that appeared to have little or no fat on it. She had jet black hair that accented her perfect posture. She was muscular, but in a good way; like a swimmers build. She wore no make up, but chose instead to let her smooth olive skin do the talking, I respected and liked Vicki, and as a result she was one of the few people I would listen too. Because of that status, she could get away with more than what I would normally tolerate from others. “Keep running,” Vicki barked out, “I can't...” I panted out of breath in return. Vicki ran along side me, as I made laps around the gymnasium parking lot. I continued to object between gasps of breath, “I have... asthma...Vicki, I...always have...and...I...can't run.” This was actually true, I had severe asthma as a child and would have frequent attacks, especially while living in the Los Angeles California area. But Vicki refused to let me slow down, she fired back, “You are also out of shape!” She was indeed correct.

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The Musicians Super Bowl = NAMM 2014

Read about the Lou Mars NAMM 2014 experience: http://loumarsofficial.com/lou_mars_blog.htm

Beat Alive Part 26 Posted

Lou Mars Book Beat Alive, Part 25 - The Frog - Link Here: http://lnkd.in/bjDu8PZ

Meet The Band

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