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The last day of 2014

Another year has passed and it seems like it just flew away. As I told you last new years eve I was going to move and feared that my musical activities would suffer thanks to that. But as a matter of fact I´ve probably spent more time on music this year than the last ten years! First of all I have tracked all guitars on the new PLUTONIUM record. Second, I´ve joined a band in my new hometown and we rehearse mostly two times a week so that takes some time as well. However, I focus on the new Plutonium album now since it really start to take shape. I hope the album will be finished and released in 2015. I´ll work for that. And as I´ve planned it will only be released in digital format – I have accepted the fact that noone really buy CD´s these days, and also I can focus on making music instead of trying to make business. Selling CD´s or hunting labels take too much time, and unfortunately I must say it is a waste of time, at least to 95%. The other band I´m in have recently recorded an album - but this is more of a traditional Black Metal band – so hopefully you get two albums with me next year. That feels great! As for the PLUTONIUM record I feel extremely satisfied so far. I hope you will be surprised when listening to it but I also hope you will recognize the sound. So, let us hope for a good 2015. I wish all of you a happy new year! All the best, J

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The complete PLUTONIUM discography

Here´s the complete PLUTONIUM discography.... have you heard them all? http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/plutonium

The last day of 2013

So, 2013 ends... which means that the 10th anniversary year of PLUTONIUM ends as well. Personally I´ve never been involved in a musical project as long as I´ve been with PLUTONIUM. And as you may remember I commemorated this jubilee with not only one, but two anniversary releases!

The first one was a re-mastered digital version of the debut, the ”Wind of change” demo. And in autumn another digital release appeared, ”A decade of indifference”, containing four completely new songs never released before! I have already posted about these releases earlier so I won´t digress more than leaving you a link to the ”A decade of indifference”...

So, what´s up for 2014? First of all, my wife and I will move to a new town, which is something we have longed for for years. This means that my musical activities will be put on hold for a couple of months. However, most of the music for the next release is written and already arranged, so as soon as everything else is settled I will start with the recordings again. Most of the music was created around 2010 so it´s definitely time to get things done.

One big reason why the new recording has been delayed was the obstacle concerning ”Devilmentertainment non-stop”. Since I decided to release that album by myself, most of the time I could spend on my music had to be spent on spreading the album, trading, sending out promo packages and so on.... and considering the fact that very few of you still buy CDs I have come to the conclusion that I will only offer my future releases in digital formats, unless any label approaches me for some kind of collaboration. Unfortunately I can´t see that happen, but I will consider any suggestions...

Of course I prefer real records to digital, but I still have lots of copies of ”Devilmentertainment non-stop” left and it´s hard to get rid of them (if you are interested in getting one, just let me know!). I have to make priorities – and I prefer creating music over paperwork any day! Working this way will hopefully reduce any kind of administrative work to a minimum and the music will reach you sooner...

So, let us hope for a good 2014. I wish all of you a happy new year! All the best, J


New EXCLUSIVE anniversary release!

This year, 2013, it´s 10 year since Plutonium started. It all began in 2003 and here we are now...

How to celebrate this? Of course I first thought of remastering the ”Wind of change” demo and release it digitally, since it was released as a demo-CDR. It was spread in modest quantities and I guess many who have heard the albums never got the opportunity to hear it. And after all I am still proud of it.

However, I thought that release wasn´t really enough. More than 2 years have passed since ”Devilmentertainment non-stop” was released and I have a lot of songs written for a coming full-length release already. I began writing songs for that one in 2010. However, after a while I felt one of these songs didn´t really fit in the context of a new full-length. So I came up with the idea to create some new songs, just try out some stuff in a very spontaneous way... and all of a sudden I had a couple of songs which didn´t really fit in anywhere. Also, time went by and I realized I had been doing Plutonium for 10 years. So I thought, ”why not release them as an anniversary thing”?

So now you can listen to 4 new PLUTONIUM songs, exclusively released on the bandcamp page. You can listen to them by streaming the tracks, but if you want to buy them, the whole package will be sold very cheap!

This collection of songs is by no means a teaser for a coming album – view this as some kind of experiment!


Plutonium on Facebook

Of course Plutonium has to be a part of the world´s largest self-sufficient surveillance society! In other words you can find us on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Plutonium/259563377501972

Plutonium on BandCamp!

Yeah, now the entire Plutonium discography (including the 10th anniversary edition of the debut demo "Wind of change") is available at Bandcamp.

Check out the site here!


10 year anniversary!

To celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Plutonium, the debut demo ”Wind of change” will be re-released digitally through most of the major online digital music services! ”Wind of change” was released in autumn 2004, and the digital edition consists of these tracks, now remastered by Peter Bjärgö (ARCANA, TYRANT etc.). The remastered version will be available at most digital music services, but already now you can find it on Spotify and iTunes! Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/0BfihE5rkpCFUuwROXtOMo iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/album/wind-change-ep-remastered/id618206360

Thanks for your support!

/J. Carlsson of Plutonium

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