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youbigme / Blog


Hip hop hooray, it's almost Mondayyyy..... just uploaded an early mix of "This Time." I really dig this song and had a lot of fun developing it. Everyone have a safe week, and Peace be with you. Doug


Happy Labor Day U.S & Canada! Just uploaded the rough mix of "Ferris Wheel." Feel free to comment. Everyone stay safe this weekend. Peace. Doug


Just uploaded a rough mix of "Children of Yesterday." It's a nice littly ditty. Enjoy! Hope everyone's well and wish you all Peace. - Doug

8-13 (14...)-13

Uploaded "Try to Remember" - another quick mix from the upcoming disc Hole in the Sky. This song finds me returning a bit to my rock roots. Have fun listening and be safe out there - it's a mad, mad, mad world.... Peace.


Uploaded "Fallin' " - I look forward to really getting to tweak out this mix later on. This song has some nice things going on. Should be able to get another one posted tomorrow night. I hope to spend some more time listening to everyone else soon; I really appreciate the nice comments. Have a safe week, and Peace.


Ok, I know I'm slow... but I HAVE been busy! Just uploaded an early mix of "Can't Quit You" and will have 2 more by the end of the weekend. Maybe a 3rd if I decide to post it, spent some time recording something that may not really fit this go around. Anyway - thanks for continuing to stop by (esp. you TE) I'm gradually working my way out of my cocoon and will rejoin society very soon I hope to stop by some of your pages. Peace. Doug


Wazzuupp!! Finished tracking "17" so I've posted an early mix. Won't do the real mixdown for a few weeks when I finish tracking the rest of the songs but this is the meat of this one. Enjoy !(I hope...) Remember- love thy neighbor lest their dog $h!t$ in your yard. Peace.


Well one day into the new Pope scientists have announced the discovery of the god particle....hmmm. It's all beyond me so I'll stick to making music. I hope to have a more finished version of "17" posted by the end of the weekend. Feel.free to message me. Do yourselves a favor and stop by to visit TE Fireoved, Tyrone Schulace and Otto Zone- they are all the best of the best. Peace

update 3-13-13

Hey everyone I'm back. Have another album's worth of material that I'm just starting to record. You can check out the raw demo for "17" right here on reverb mistakes and all... drop me a line and tell me what you think. Peace!