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Brock Betz Band / Blog

That perfect take

True perfection...... that's what every artist seeks when they are laying down that specific drum track or guitar part or vocal melody. My latest song The Awakening Is a tough one. Not from a solo over chords standpoint, But capturing the true essence of the art of storytelling with only instruments. If your like me most of the time you can visualize something in your head, think of something, a project .... now bring that project to reality, and its inevitably probably different from that picture or sound locked in the deepest recesses of our minds. the best painters and musician , any artisan if you will, the best of the best almost always capture what the conjure up in their imaginations. So back to my song, "The Awakening " what does it mean? what is the picture that the sound represents. To me with the way it starts out, with the distorted bass guitar represents some sort of creature that has emerged from eons of slumber! the point at which it wakes up, enraged at all of mankind and wishes to do malice and harm to us, is where the solo starts. now......... GO CAPTURE THAT! what does it take ? well in my opinion a lead guitar track that would capture that would include but not limited to weird noises created with the guitar screeches, moans, and wailing and just the right amount of virtuosic shred to match the general movement and flow that can keep someone interested in what lies around the next corner is it a flurry of notes? Is it a wide vibrato or bend?, or is it a long sustaining note? I don't know yet either and that's the fun, problem is its got to be perfect, it needs to say something not just be mindless noise or shredding , Hope you take a listen when the piece is in and finished ~Brock