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Music Talk With David Classic Star

These Old School Country Finger Pickers Are A Different Animal .And I Have Learned A Lot From Some Of Them Old Timers & Still learning From Them.I Do Have A Natural Ear for Music & The Gift Of Creating & Composing Music & I Can Process What I Hear Almost Instantly And Play Along With That Music I Cant Explain it I Just Can Its A Natural Gift.I Have Learned To Do Things The Right Way Now & I Am Still Learning & Have Some Talented Friends I Hang Out With & Have Helped Me A Lot.But I Played The Keyboards By Ear For A Long Time Before I Learned to Read Music & Took Some Music Lesson For That. I Broke My Thumd In Three Places On my Right Hand & Tore My Left Rotator Cuff So It Took Me A Good While To Overcome That .But I Have & I Still Dont Have Quit The Flexibility In My Thumb I Used To Have & It Still Bothers Me On Certain Chords, But Any Way Ive Alway Played Classic,Southern & Pop Rock Style & I Have Gotten Much Better On Blues Music.But It Takes a Lot More Repitition & You Almost Have To Retrain Your Brain for Some Of The Classic country Bluegrass Finger Picker Style.To Use Some Different Technics for that Style..Some Of the New Country Is Pretty Much Like Southern Rock .When I See Some Of These Old Guys Sit There & Play Chet Atkins Like There Is Nothing To It.I Have A New Found Respect For That Type Of Music Believe Me .I Used to Practice A Little With This One Young Metal Player & That Kid Has The Fastest Fingers I Have Ever Seen.Both Hands.It Took Me A While To Get Used to Playing Music With Him. My Last 5 Songs Have Been Keyboards More Than Guitar So I Had To Actually Build TheCalises bck Up On My Fingers all Over Again .I love Playing The Guitar Much Better Than The Keyboards but its Nice to Be Able to Play Several Instruments .IWant A Set Of Bongo Drums To i Like Them As Well ,I Also Took Trumphet Lessons Back In School, But Havent Played A Trumphet In Ages But I Also Want A Mandeline.Its all good & Just Love Music for The Love Of Music Not Going To limit What Style I Want to Stick Too Just Going To Have fun With It :)

Mine As Well Dance :):):)

Well If We Keep This Up We Mine As Well Fire Up The Bus ! We Will See.Been Parked Since The 80's :):):)

Adam J Foutz
Adam J Foutz  (about 1 year ago)

I'll take a ride!

David/Classic Star
David/Classic Star  (8 months ago)

Thank Ya Adam Might Just Do That

mine as well dance

Back To Work On Music Today,Dont Know If I Will Make It To Number #1 But I Just Love Music & My Friends & Its Been A Good Ride So Far Were Just Getting Started.This is Not A Job Its A Joy & I Thank God For The Opportunity To Do What I Love Carrying My Brother & 2 Brother In Laws In My Heart With Me To Keep The Tradition Going Like We Did Back In The Day.In There Memory.

Mine As Well Dance !

Its Been 20 Plus Years Since i Have Done Anything To Amount To Anything Since I played Music Live Out With My Brother Inlaw & Best Friend The Late Great Denny Jones & His 2 Brothers Chic & Johnny Jones.I Miss Denny & Chic Greatly.But Music Still Runs Through My Veins & In My Heart.Doing Some In Studio Stuff & Trying To Get Better Set the Guitar Down For 20 Years.I Had Since Picked It Back Up & Added The Keyboards Along With It Still Trying To Master Them But Getting There.I Use Them To Blend In With Some Of My Music.Life Is Short In This Present Despensation Of Time,Just Living My Dreams & Life To The Fullest & Trying To Do What Makes Me Happy.Getting Back Into The Flow Of things Pretty Well & Having Lots Of Fun Doing It. Mine As Well Dance.♥

Adam J Foutz
Adam J Foutz  (about 1 year ago)

Just read this brother... Got my heart racing.. truly inspirational.. I'm in the middle of reading a book by John C. Maxwell called "The Roadmap To Success..." it talked about pursuing your dreams... I love music and I hope I can get the fire burning...