Crimson Countess / Blog

EP Release and Shows

Hey all! We recently recorded our 5 song EP. It is in the mixing process and should be out in a couple months. We cant wait to share it with everyone. We also have some great shows coming up this year, including the Queens of Metal show in Chicago in June 7! Stay tuned!!

2013 Coming To A Close

2013 has been a wild ride for us. We have played some awesome shows and met alot of amazing new people. We are so stoked to start off the coming year in the studio recording our EP! Stay tuned!!

Show Break and Happenings

We are currently on a break from shows til August. During this time, we will be writing new songs, re-vamping the old, and recording. We are looking to fill dates for august and beyond...so hit us up and stay tuned!!

Come on!!

This friday...my band (CRIMSON COUNTESS) will be rocking Easy St Tavern in Thomasville with some great friends/bands. We will be raising money for our singer's family. She lost her father this past friday and they need help with expenses associated with that. This is an awesome family going through a rough time and deserves all the support we can give as a community. So...get your asses out to this and support B, all the bands, and this venue. We love this scene and all our fans/friends/families... we look forward to seeing all of you :)


We have added 3 upcoming shows and hope to keep on booking so be on the look out :). We are also working on a new song and hope to play it at our upcoming Ground Zero show.

Hey Everyone

We are excited to be starting up here at Time Out Saloon and cant wait to see everyone! We really appreciate all the support we have already got and the great responses to the songs. Everyone stay tuned and see you soon :)