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Dance. Sing. Shout. & Dance.

Turn the volume up loud and witness your body quivering and going out of control. That is the essence of STREAKER. "I want you to feel the music. Get caught up in it and dance, dance, dance"

STREAKER lead singer, Coby said, "I started playing a fake guitar made out of a wood and Maxwell House Coffee Cans for Drums pretend playing on the back porch of our Lincolnshire, Illinois House. The record of the Beatles was turned on high volume as I shook my head with a Beatle's Wig on. My brother Rand and some neighborhood pals would also join in. Many cars would pull over. The people would watch us like we had just thrown a rock at their window."

Today, it is all about feeling it for the band STREAKER. The driving drum beat that gets your attention from the beginning mixed with unorthodox electric guitar pops make this band worthy to take note of.

"I like energy driving the music. The words don't matter much to me. They are there to set the pace of the song or work in to the rhythm of the song but the words are not ever in control of the song, the beat is, said Neill.