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Day 41 / Blog

Release Date coming soon

The first three tunes have been delivered to the following digital distributors: 24-7, 7 Digital, Amazon MP3, Aspiro, Deezer, eMusic, Google Play, Guvera, iTunes, La Curacao, Last.fm, Media Markt, Medianet, MOG, Myspace Music, Myxer, Nielson Soundscan, Nokia, Play.com, playlist.com, Puretracks, Rdio, Rhapsody, Simfy, Slacker, Spotify, Synacor, Virgin Mega, Virgin Mobile Canada, We7, and Zune (Musiwave). We are waiting on a release date form ITunes to post. But you don't have tow wait until the release date if you need your Day41 fix. You can download the tunes from our reverbnation page: www.reverbnation.com/day41 Thanks, Day 41

Releasing the Tunes

Well, we decided and the day is here...we have decided to start releasing content for public download...Rather than release the entire album we are going to release small groups of tunes (1-3) at a time...(Old Scholl is really the new cool) like they used to do. The first batch is available on our Reverbnation store as we speak... ITunes and additional digital distribution to follow. As the tools become more useable we will hopefully be able to offer an "al a cart" type of album experience soon as well. This would allow the buyer to pick the tunes they want and order a hard copy EP or full CD with only the tunes they want. This Hard copy would then include specific art based on the quantity (EP or Full Length) and specific tracks selected. Keep looking for new posts and go over to the store and download your favorites...Thanks, Day41

Turn Back Time Rehearsal Track

This past weekend we added another track from our rehearsal sessions. The tracks are recorded as we arrange and finish the songs (pre-production) for the CD. This particular tune was from a chord progression I had banging around in my head for some time. I would play the riffs and chords while we were warming up or when we were just fooling around. Finally, two weeks ago we got a round to actually arranging the parts into something Ron could work with to get his lyrics across. Fast forward on week and Ron shows up with the lyrical outline you hear on the Track and the great melodies he came up with for the Chorus and Verses. Like some of our recent stuff Ron and I talk about the story or narrative we want to present. In this case it is about choices and unintended results. The moral of the tune is that we cannot un-do our choices and they may lead us to different paths than we envisioned for ourselves. But those paths aren't necessarily the end. Either way, we hope you enjoy the tune and keep checking in for more info on the other tracks. Also please feel free to ask a question. Thanks, Vern

Powerball Blues rehearsal

Last night was a great time with the guys in our secret research facility/ kitchen (see also: "fortress of platitudes"). We did some more work on the arrangement of Powerball Blues a little ditty that was originally titled Swamp Thing from the acoustic version I shared with the guys at our previous rehearsal location (also secret "The Ronderosa"). The tidbit was fun to play from my perspective but was really nothing special in particular. Well time passed and we started playing with the music while Ron was working on lyrical content or the story of the song. After a bit the form seemed to take shape. But when Ron read the lyrics he came up with we kind of all just got the mind set. I love the imagery that we think sort of captures that time after you buy the ticket but still before the drawing happens when you spend the jackpot. Either way we hope you enjoy it on this morning after the largest Jackpot in history appears to have been won in Maryland. And if you happen to be the winner... Can I have some?