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Ryan Crary / Blog

Wits End

The band I was apart of began as most bands do. A group of guys having fun playing music! and it was fun! But as things change, members of the group are challenged with the option of pushing forward or stopping completely. I pushed forward with Wits End. Basically dragging it along by the shoe strings to each gig towards the end. These two songs Tighten Up and Beautiful Disaster capture the good times of the band! This is why I leave them up on the website, reminder of the good times when it was just playing music and having fun! Money is great and sustains our way of life, but it also ruins the purity of life's simplest pleasures! Write that down :) Ryan

Digital Age

The music industry has changed. Thanks to the evolution of techonology and the digital media, the music industry suffers as it tried to re-invent itself. Those of us paying close attention see the signs. No longer are full length albums the summation of a single Idea, no longer do we hear songs about love and musically talented individuals but rather a producer who promotes a club rat song. This is what musics children are listening to and imaging themselves on. This is also killing the industry. Hopefully the answer will present itself in the future. This persona of thuglife and clubbin is detrimental to the progress of our countries youth. It is in fact an act. An act designed to sell records. As Keisha sounds like a drunk white girl at a party that no one wants to talk to. And Nicki Minaj follows suite, when they could be much more than that. Somewhere right now there is a musical movement that is going to change and excite the world into the next evolutionary step of this industry. Much like the grunge, rap, hip hop, or R&B did. Stay Tuned...


Encouragement Tuesday, Aug 28, 2012 @ 11:08 AM “Discouraged”: to deprive of the will to persist in something to inhibit; prevent: this solution discourages rust to oppose by expressing disapproval 

Everyone gets discouraged every now and then, whether its a bad test score, or rejection from a potential date. People who are not discouraged are typically the best sales people in my opinion. One person telling me “No” usually prompts the end of the sales pitch for me, yet Sales people keep pushing and ignore the discouraged feeling. It’s impressive really. In the world of playing music in a bar, or club, you can also experience discouragement. For example, imagine you are playing by yourself in a completely empty bar, minus the cooks, bartenders and servers. Imagine trying to play music to people who aren’t listening and see if you don’t feel a sense of discouragement. Thoughts begin to fester: “Is it me?” “Do I suck?” If you are selling a product then why would you care if the customer didn't want it? You wouldn’t, its a job with a product that has no personal affiliation with your personality or individualism. When it is you that is the product your ego, emotion, pride, and sense of self approval become wrapped into one package. Playing loud music to a handful of people only to feel like you are playing to yourself, "it's a paycheck" is the modest line used to justify the lack of interest in your work/product. Alcohol helps most calm their nerves and put up the fourth wall between you and the "audience." 
I suppose the only weapon against this experience is to stay grounded. Remember why you are there, why you do what you do, and how you got there. This will prove useful the next time you face discouragement, and although it won't put an end to the horrible creature, it will help hold it at bay........................ 
Or you could just say the hell with it all, and get a real job. Ryan Crary


With changes come decisions, and with the consequences of ones decisions comes a new path or result from that decision. As most of us musicians, bands, artists, producers, etc.. watch the entertainment world to see what the next trend is going to be or what the next big act will be, most of us forget the reason we began doing this in the first place. Passion. The ability to create something that can spark the imagination of the many, or entertain the minds of a few. To all who are on this path, and it seems more and more follow every day, do not get discouraged, do not give up simple because of one nay-sayer. Be persistent, be aggressive, and keep the hunger alive for what you do.


A glimpse of the future is all you need to spark your drive in the right direction! Already in this year we have had ups and downs, good times, bad times, great shows, not so great shows! Every day is battle it seems. Comparatively to that of someone holding your head just beneath the surface of the ocean only allowing you to grab air when absolutely dire. The main thing to remember is to not give up hope. The one thing that makes us inherently human is hope. The hope you will get that job, you will meet that one special person that changes your life, the hope that all your dreams come true. Worrying about such things is only adding weight to your shoulders. Its a novel idea to stay positive yet it is difficult, for myself and also as I'm sure you all have! That annoying voice in the back of your head that tells you "you can't", "you're not capable," or "don't bother." Well Next time you get that voice, look to the horizon, imagine what is going on out there, how many other people are just like you in that regard. If you continue to move forward you will continue to grow. Show no fear and the answer will be clear. Cheers, R-

Hopes and Dreams

New Technology opens door ways to new opportunities. So with this we hope to connect with you in a new way. CDs are slowly becomign a thing of the past, and everything is transferring to a digital medium. So check it, click it, rock it, tell your friends about it, and keep on living the life we were meant to live!

Wits End