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We are teaming up with director Erik Barton to create our first ever music video for the song Blessings From the Crone!


It's a new year for Hellfrost and we have a lot in store for 2014. Stay tuned \m/

Studio update

We are hitting the studio once again. Stay tuned for more updates \m/


There's a lot in store for us in 2013. More shows, and more new songs. \m/

Youtube Channel

Our youtube channel has been getting a lot of attention lately. Thanks for all your support \m/ give us more views http://www.youtube.com/user/HellfrostOfficial?feature=guide

This Weekend

We're getting ready to hit the stage this weekend with a show in Naples followed by a show in Miami the next night. We look forward to seeing everyone there. stay metal \m/

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More Shows

Hellfrost returns to Miami!! More info coming soon \m/


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