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Robo Cougar / Blog

Wax (2)

the 200-piece edition of the split 7" vinyl with Bust Stop Shanking has arrived! Those who preordered on IGG, we are printing the cover art over the next week or so and should be shipping soon. If you didn't, well, first, shame on you. Second, get at one of the fine gentlemen involved and see what could be done.


Went over the raw tracks for our contribution to the split 7" with Bus Stop Shanking last night. Starting to capture the feeling the song has live.

3rd Round, Sagan reference, breakfast

If you didn't get a chance to check out Pale Blue Dot (formerly the Morning Sun) at the Gypsy with us on the 26th, kick yourself. Yeah, it will hurt, and there will be emotional repercussions long after the bruise heals, but you will have deserved it and will be better for it. A.M. Feelgood brought the goods as well. What's better than pedalboard solos? Pedalboard duets, thats what.

As for Robo Cougar, we have some interesting projects coming down the pipe. Be on the look out late spring/early summer for a split 7" we are doing with some friends. This will be something a little to the left of a standard ep or single split. You'll see.

Also a garage rock (loosely labeled as always) compilation due out mid summer was well will be bearing a Robo Cougar song among its esteeemed company.

And as always, a show or two. Thank you for listening.

Gracious Gypsies

The Gypsy Lounge show was made outstanding for us by the venerable Deep Space and their awesome Psych wavelengths and, even more so, by the extremely good-looking and enthusiastic group of ...frans? Seriously, it takes a true dedication to repeatedly experience a band, set-order changes not withstanding, without 8 albums worth of material or so without burning out a bit. Everyone has things to do and places to go, especially on the weekend, and particularly during the holidays, yet they chose to come out and show an enthusiasm that surpassed any sort of expectation we could have as a band. I truly thank every one of you for being a part of it, and making it the kind of night that is over FAR too soon, and the kind of night I hope to repeat soon and often. Thank you. --Mike

Transition to Propulsion Stage 2

The turnout has been more than we could ever have expected for the recent shows, and we cannot thank those dedicated repeat-offenders enough. Now is the time to set our sight some new rooms to echo around in, and throw some twists and turns into the set. The beginnings of some interesting new material were seen last week. Again, we want to thank everyone for making this all happen. Now, let's spread the word.


"Well, things have been thawed out in the stasis tanks at the laboratory. They are breathing, moving, orbiting their visual sensors to take in the world around them. They are both weapons and kind helpers."

Thanks to everything and everyone that gave us the kick-start to get out there. You know who you are, and hopefully you will not be in such short supply for long!