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Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount / Blog

Will someone please write a song about the debt ceiling crisis?

It dawned on my today that when we're young, we learn about everything through song: ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, etc., but once we get older, we have to go back to reading incredibly dry and boring documents to be educated on things like the debt ceiling crisis going on in D.C. right now.

I propose that someone who understands it well put it into song for the informational gathering benefit of everyone else.

Maybe a nice jazzy tune with unexpected time signature changes would be appropriate, with some weird John Cagey action from time to time. Or perhaps just a poppy-as-hell ABACAB form will do. Maybe to the tune of "It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want to?"

Sometimes you feel like a blog, sometimes you don't

With all of the various fences on which to take a wizz on the internet, I was hesitant to start up something else that I needed to keep up, but I remembered my own love for reading what my heroes/heroines are thinking about and figured, if someone's interested in my thoughts, I best not disappoint!!

To be honest, all that I've been thinking about for the last month has been our CD release. If you've ever release music yourself, or had a creative project whose "success" required sharing it with others, you probably understand this mind-consuming state. It's kind of like having a kid, except instead of losing sleep because of a crying little bundle in the night, it's your own ideas waking you up. "Maybe we should have a bubble machine during the show," or "Did I flyer enough on Capitol Hill?" or "God I wish I had recorded the hand claps on that track."

"What about just going back to sleep and not taking yourself so seriously?" says my conscience.

But, like kiddos, each day you gotta keep on keepin' on because of your unconditional love for it. Unless you're a deadbeat parent.