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Mia Edsall / Blog

Workshop in Nashville

Just returned from a song writer's workshop with Mary Gauthier. I'm busy applying discipline and re writing lyrics to many of my songs. My current album progress is pushed back because of rewrites. I was constantly moved.There were laughs and tears. It was cathartic This was not a workshop on how to write a hit for music row. They taught us the art and craft of song writing. Mary and Don Henry worked so hard to coax the truth out of us. They helped us see that to finish a song is to dig deep until the song creates a visceral reaction by singer and audience. It was very exciting and I love the characters I met. They were characters for sure!


I have asked Michaela French, Davis French and Boyd Wilson to accompany me on recording. We got to hang a while in Mountain Home, rehearse, arrange and the 5 songs chosen for EP and plan to record at Ted Macklin's next Monday- Tuesday. They are Cash Come, End Times, Northerners Get Gone, Song for Anna. So cool. I play banjo on 4 out of 5 per request from Michaela. I do what I'm told now. This artist can only have a hand in production as wI do not see ourselves as well as others we trust when it comes to artistic decisions. More news, I'm signed up for Mary Gauthier workshop in late April in Nashville. 20 participants, cannot wait. Thanks for reading Don't slip on the ice or put the wrong type of fuel in your vehicle. :)

Sitting back

Hello Friends, I'm entering a new phase this fall. Got some new songs written, one is good. based on 52 week club theme "End Times".

I have been playing bluegrass and old timey with some folks on Tuesdays at a rest home. Also am rehearsing with a huge band too. No gigs booked now but I will show up with bands or solo. Love Love, Mia

June here we come

Getting ready for music and horse shows in June and Headlining Songwriter's Association Show in Boise July19. First I get to go to Weiser major jam before fiddle contest. May take tent and live like a carney again in dusty wind blown parking lots with trash blowin everywhere. Or spring for diesel and take horse trailer w quarters minus ponies.Luxury probs eh?

Setlist for Silver Dollar

Leavin Lousiana Fear A Stuff that works Barn Fire am Pancho and lefty Colors Cant let go G Jennifers Song Cockroach em Angel A harp Geronimo Coal Tatoo am Carmelita A

2 Caleb Meyer c#m Champs G Willing Heaven Sent Bm (band plays VERY soft) Pack up your sorrows G Cash Come G Snow in the Hills D Aint Livin Long Dublin Gulf of mexico G Checkin in C Torn Between E harp 3 Past Point of Rescue G Alabama Pines G Handsome Molly C White Freightliner D Old Joe Clark to Shady grove Galway Girl D Freight Train am Draggin G harp Why you been gone so long Witherspoon Volcano c Tall Trees Matchbox Blues A Man w/o a woman A harp 4 Witherspoon MC Horses D Two More Bottles A Volcano D Snowin on Raton D Snake farm G, C Bflat capo 2 Rabbit cm, bflat Pieces of me and you Vincent 52 D Why you been gone so long St James Inf am Mystery Train G

Show is working

Hi Folks, I have turned the corner. I can now engage an audience, smile, tell jokes, share a bit about myself and folks say they love that I'm having so much fun on stage. Rosalie Sorrels told me many decades ago that to be a good singer I had to have something to say and that I must sustain eye contact w audience. Boy is she right! I'm ready for house concerts and pretty much any show opp. I have been writing and put songs on sound cloud with 52 week songwriting club.people on the web are noticing and supporting me. Thanks fans! It's great. Hope to see you out there soon. At this moment I do not know if I will be in Bay area this winter or home in Idaho so have not booked anything til I know. Cheers, Mia