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Big Steve / Blog

Summer School!

Summer school is going well thus far, I'm taking an on-line class w/ Dr. D. called,"Human Diseases". I took Nutrition w/ him last sem. As I try to finish my degree in Nursing, I will always remember DJ school (Mass. Com. Radio) though, & think of it fondly...

5 min. shows

Presently I'm working on my 5 min. shows in mass. com. radio. I don't understand Pro Tools, & I'm having a lot of problems w/ production. I wish my instructor cared about the students learning & passing the class. I fear I may fail this course.....

radio news w/ Al Stevens 3rd

I've enjoyed doing the,"News, Sports, & Weather" updates the last several months on Tues. @ 12:OO noon & 1:00 pm for WLCA 89.9 fm. It has been most uplifting both personally & professionally. I learned a lot from Al Stevens 3rd of KMOX 11:20 am.You can hear some of my radio DJ stuff here on this music web page of mine. I also do Christian Rock, Gospel, & Acoustic Rock. Big Steve

I play acoustic guitar & sing.

I sing mostly, but also play acoustic, rhythmn guitar (a Fender), harmonica, & bass. My father, & both step brothers play keyboards quite well, especially Keith Big Steve "*MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!".

# 1 Local Reverb Country Charts!

Finally...# 1 locally Reverb Country charts!

Paul's music publishing company.


My Dream & Goal cont.!

I'm triing to make it w/ the music.... I quit my real JOB & I'm attempting to put everything together now. The equipment, logistics, people, etc. I wish I could find Tim Meyers... I had heard he bought a home @ Holiday Shores where I spent my childhood.

George's official web page


John's official web page



Here's what I'm wanting to consider; a show where I emcee/DJ as the host playing CD's & introducing various local acts to perform a song or two, but not a whole set...What do you think? It would be the live local acts as well as Cd's & recorded music. This would be various venues & could benefit all .....