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Half Past 3 / Blog

Epic Week

It's been an Epic Week for Half Past 3. We played the National Cherry Blossom Festival on Fri, Apri 11th and our show was announce on 98.7 WMZQ by Boxer. Also, Linda Cain helped us by submitting one of our songs and was played on Phoenix radio. Thank you to everyone!

Purchase our songs or EP "A place like this" at:


Jammin at Jammin Java

Special shout out to Shortness of Breath for inviting us to play with them at Jammin Java yesterday, it was a lot of fun! Great job substituting for Alex by Brian Simms! Also, great job on first gig with us Branden Hickman, you didn't miss a lick! The entire show is up (the last song) on our site here. Yep, and Mr. Golden Fingers you rocked out again!

The First Few Months

I've never been involved in a band before. And starting out, you find that it's not quite as easy as it seems. You don't just get to go play your music and have a good time. You quickly find out about all the equipment you don't have, the time you have to spend and all the material that you don't have to with which to play 3 sets. Now though it seems we've settled into a groove. I'm sure we will run into more snags in the future but for now I think we have what we need to get by. -Garrett