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"Oldies" Album now # 1 on AirPlayDirect

Holy Crowly…I really can't believe it but my newly released Oldies Album just went past Paul McCartney's in the February Air Play Direct Radio charts for downloads by stations around the world. See http://airplaydirect.com/charts/albums/This Month/Rock. It may not last but wow…this is fun!

Headed to LA for gigs, meetings and sun

Very excited to be heading back to LA for February and most of March, visiting, playing some gigs, networking and radio/TV voice-over meetings. Will see you all back here in the New England cold at the end of March! Paco

First TV Acting Gig

Very excited to have just landed my first TV Acting Gig working with JRP Talent Agency in Boston. I'll be filming a documentary with NewTV "Folklorist" in Newton, MA Nov 22nd in their new episode on "The Charles Ponzi Story".

An Amazing week for me!

This was just one of those special upbeat weeks. On Monday I signed a contract with John Robert Powers Modeling/Acting Agency in Boston and on Tuesday my fifth CD Album was delivered hot off of the presses, a 2-CD, 42 song 50's, 60's, 70's Oldies Compilation that will be released nationally momentarily. Much Fun!!!

"The Voice" Audition Results

It was not meant to be apparently. Sorry but no Paco on prime time TV for now. I gave it a shot but The Voice didn't seem to have all that much interest in a 67 year old dude. Nice folks but focused on a different image in my sole opinion. Stay tuned...I may eventually find a new path to walk down. Best...Paco

"The Voice" auditions for next season

Yeah...I know it's another incredible long shot...but I'll give it my best shot at an audition this morning in Boston with a video in front of a judging panel for next season's showing of "The Voice"!

NBC Producer's Callback in Hollywood

An unbelievable experience last Tuesday after making the initial cut for the new NBC music reality show "The Winner Is". In a sound studio for over an hour and being filmed singing and interviewing. I had an absolute blast and believe I was at my best. Now it's up to the Producers to select who they think will make this new show all they wish it to be. Will keep you posted when the results come in, either positive or negative! Best...Paco

Callback Today at NBC!

Very excited today in LA to be going for a producers callback in trying out for the upcoming new NBC Show "The Winner Is"...wish me luck!! Best...Paco

New "Oldies" Album On The Way!!

Currently recording at Bristol Studios in Boston finishing my fourth full-length CD Album...a 2-CD 42-song featuring great songs from the 50's & 60's. Platters, Darin, Sinatra, Sedaka, Everly's, Dion etc., etc. Should be fully produced and out on iTunes for sale early this spring when I'm back from LA!

Heading Out to LA!

Looking forward to spending February and most of March in sunny LA. A great place to visit family, friends and to entertain...I love New England but walking through flowers in winter can't be beat!! Paco