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Idle Creep / Blog


Afternoon Creeps!

From today, this blog will be better serviced (oo er). By that, we mean it's going to be regular from now on, otherwise what is the point of a blog. It won't always be updates, but questions we would like to ask our fans and general opinion from ourselves that is open to discussion.

We're aiming for every two weeks possibly, though it could be every month. We'd like to hear your thoughts on what a good frequency for a band blog is, so when you read this, let us know.

To business past. The last few months have been kind of hectic. Between recording tunes, travelling to Manchester and back what seemed like every week for a month, and other shows, at times it was hard to just keep our eyes open the next day. It's difficult to work a day job, do any kind of travelling with the band (granted Manchester is not London, but still), play a gig and leave in the wee hours, and then turn up for work the next day. On our last couple of gigs, that was then added to by a gig the following night. It's all part of learning I suppose, and of course nothing other bands don't have to deal with, but it has also been great fun.

We've had the privilege to play with some really talented bands over the past couple of months. Some that really caught the eye (or ear) have been Hardtail (or Hard 'Fuckin' Tail if you hear their fans chant their name), Semmit Falls and Shotgun Boulevard. All of them were fantastic, like actually brilliant, this is not lip service. We've even asked Shotgun Boulevard to join us at our show at The Turk in Dewsbury, and they kindly accepted. Result! Please check out all these bands. It is important to all bands at our stage to support each other and for TRUE music fans to at least give a band a chance. Get out there, give them a listen, if you don't like, then so what? You gave someone a chance. And then if you do, then a new relationship has started for you and that band!

The Chasing Dragons EP launch was our best show yet. Loads of great bands, great fun, great crowd, all fantastically put together by our friends in CD. Mega thanks to them for having us on. We SO can't wait to play with CD again someday (and hopefully I personally won't be ill this time so I can enjoy the partying after! - Bri). Go get their EP Take Flight For A Firefight, we highly recommend it!

Escape From Nowhere has been finally released. Delays were the name of the game but better late than never. It is free to download, so if you read this and haven't downloaded it, please do so and distribute it for us. Getting the music out there is the name of the game for us at the moment.

Finally, we got our first merchandise. Silicon wrist bands! Pretty snazzy if we do say so ourselves!

The future: There will be another track out soon, gigs from the end of May, and we are getting shirts made, but more importantly the future will see a change from Idle Creep.

It seems every time we have these breaks in gigging, it serves us very well, as we collect our thoughts, re plan, and shift around our priorities. You are going to see a very different Idle Creep develop over the course of the year.

The band, as hard as we work and rock, is still in it's infancy. We know we are still finding our feet, and what will eventually be our own distinct sound. As time goes on this year, we are going to be heading in what we hope will be an exciting new direction.

To everyone who has downloaded anything we've done, voted for us at various competitions, bought a wrist band, come to a show, told us they liked (or even loved? :-P ) us, shared an update or just liked our various social network sites, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It may sound cheesy, but you keep us alive. Without people supporting us, we'd be stuck in a studio playing with ourselves (oo er!)

We will see you soon, and love you all.

And remember, always remember, endeveour to ESCAPE FROM NOWHERE! x

(Brian, Josh, Aidan, Anand, Pete).

Surface Festival

Morning Creeps! Yesterday, Surface Festival text voting went live. For those of you who don't know, our progression to the next round is based on 4 types of voting - text vote, audience vote, musician vote, industry vote. Each kind of vote has different ratings in terms of score, but all 4 must be healthy for progression.

It is with this, we ask you to please take a small amount of time and do us a massive, and send a text vote for us. The more we get, obviously, the better for us. Text votes also roll over to the next round and continue to accumulate as we progress through the rounds. Each vote really does count.

To vote for us, get yer mobi's out, and text the the following to 64343:

North 2038

It is important you put that gap in. You should get a confirmation text thanking you for your vote if it has been successful.

This is such a big deal for us, so to anyone and everyone who votes, you have our eternal gratitude.

Now here comes the science (legal blurb):

16+. Texts cost £1.00 plus standard network charges. Please get permission from the bill payer. Customer services: hello@ surfacefestival.com or contact us on 0800 434 6076

Quiet times, or is it?...

Right now, nothing much is happening for us in the way of gigs/updates and such, so I thought I would leave this one before we got cracking on what we have to do so people don't just think we've disappeared into the night prematurely.

Right now, aside from it being close to Christmas and everyone (and therefore us included) throwing our money into not getting disapproving looks on Christmas day, we are experimenting with some new sounds and also doing a lot of planning (fail to plan, plan to fail). As such, things are on 'hold', so to speak, until a lot of ground work has been done. The idea being that at some point in January our social networking tools will all of the sudden burst into life with new demo's, photo's, plans and everything.

So to everyone who has supported us so far into our journey, we are still here. Our first year has been amazing, fun and productive, and supporting Sworn To Oath was an amazing way to cap it off. Here's to us making sure 2012 is a BIG year.


Change of plans

People may have noticed that we cancelled a lot of gig over the past week. As a band we have realised that it would be more productive to do some more "ground work" in terms of getting some more songs written, demo's done, photo's etc etc rather than just gig constantly. Call it building a castle on sand if you will.

So that said, we've dropped our gig load right down and we will be entering the studio VERY soon, and also writing even more new tunes.

Exciting times coming, and don't forget to listen out for our new tunes In The Darkness and Heartless at our next gig! - Bri


Ok, bit of news for you all. If you may remember, some time ago Michael left the band (all on good terms, hey Mike!). At that time we decided it was not right for us to search for a second guitarist. We continued as a 4some and have played, to this point, as such, with great results if we do say so ourselves.

However, a few months ago, I (Bri) was talking to Anand Mistry (formerly of Black Star Down), and it became apparent that with our friendship already in place and his availabilty and skills that maybe he could slot into the band with minimal effort. After many rehearsals and some writing time too, and a HELL of a lot of laughs, we feel the time is now right to announce Anand as a full fledged member of Idle Creep.

Anand will debut with us at our next gig at The Snooty Fox, and with a second guitarist in the band again more possibilities open up to us musically in what we are able to create, as well as giving us a meatier sound on stage.

We hope anyone who is at our next series of gigs will make him feel welcome. - Bri

Post gig come downs and hard work

Well, it's 3 days after our first gig, and I think I can say it went better than we ever could have dreamed of. All in the name of a good cause too, which is always a bonus.

It was a great day with a lot of great bands and gave us an opportunity to check some of the other bands who will be doing the Rock 'n' Wrestle festival. Red Riding Quartet made it quite difficult to follow them with a stonking performance but I think we pulled it off due to the positive feedback and crowd reaction.

The only problem is the post gig come down, regular life sucks. That and I bust my lip on the microphone and couldn't get drunk even though I tried.

Now onto promotional work. It's damn near a full time job.

Bri 3