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Danny Vash and Nite Wolf / Blog

Nite Wolf Feature on Greycastle News Corporation

“Eschewing theatrics for real musicianship, Danny Vash & Nite Wolf have carved out a reputation for hard-hitting, steel-bending rock, paving the way for their first major radio hit. Continue....http://www.greycastle.tv/features/danny-vash.html”

Tune into NTRO Radio St Johns, MI to rock out to Nite Wolf!!

Tune into NTRO Radio St Johns, MI to rock out to Nite Wolf!! http://www.ntroradio.com/2015/05/nite-wolf.html

Rob Lattin Recommended Musix: Hard Life by Danny Vash and Nite Wolf

“Rob Lattin Music=Recommended Musix: Hard Life by Danny Vash and Nite Wolf It's a Hard Life, Baby Hey, as an avid music collector, I am in search of new music that doesn't follow the "American Idol" or pop radio trend. I look for great hard rock and roll and it's tough to find. However, I found a gem on Reverbnation. It's "Hard Life" by Danny Vash and Nite Wolf. Great vocals - great bass, great guitar and great drums. And it's an especially good recording, too. Check them out on Reverbnation and become a fan - I did. http://whatcha-playin.blogspot.com/2015/05/recommended-musix-hard-life-by-danny.html”

Nite Wolf song ‘Memory Of Me’ hit #1 on Power FM Global Radio Network!!

“Dear Danny Vash & Nite Wolf, Nearly everyone likes surprises and that includes us. Yesterday, we received a big one. Quite unexpectedly, Power FM Global Radio Network recently collated the monthly chart data from the past few months and forwarded the results to us. We are pleased to inform you that your song ‘Memory Of Me’ hit the #1 position on the charts and held that position for an impressive period of time in the month of April 2015! Chart position was established by number of spins, listener requests and station tune-ins. This accomplishment is a tribute to your talent, hard work and perseverance. We are certain that this is only the beginning of your success. Power FM’s charts are maintained for the benefit of artists, record labels and related industry professionals. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement on radio. Through your dedication and hard work, you are building a musical legacy that will become a key component of your success.” www.powerfm-radio.com/sanfrancisco

Nite Wolf Best Hard Rock Song for ‘Hollywood’ in the May 2015 The Akademia -

“Dear Danny Vash & Nite Wolf, We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Hard Rock Song for ‘Hollywood’ in the May 2015 Akademia Music Awards! ’Vash delivers up a fantastic, technically complex rocker like Rush used to - a welcome addition to a tremendously difficult genre." http://www.theakademia.com/may2015_bestsong_hardrock.html

Nite Wolf 'Memory of Me' added to The Beat FM Radio Franchise

“Danny Vash & Nite Wolf, your song ‘Memory Of Me’ received large volume of spin data from the past month! It appears that your song continued to receive an exceptional listener response on stations across the globe. This is excellent news! But there’s more exciting news to report. We recently had the opportunity to speak with program directors from the The Beat FM Radio Franchise. Based upon the strength of your song and its popularity, they have agreed to place ‘Memory Of Me’ in heavy rotation on the following five stations in their network, effective May 1st: WBTX Chicago, Illinois USA www.thebeatxm.com/chicago; WBTS St. Louis, Missouri www.thebeatxm.com/stlouis; WGBT Berlin, Germany. www.thebeatxm.com/berlin; WSBT Stockholm, Sweden www.thebeatxm.com/stockholm; WBBT Brasilia, Brazil www.thebeatxm.com/brasilia. Heavy rotation on these five stations in diverse metropolitan areas will add significant momentum and exposure. Congratulations on your continued success.”

Tune into NTRO Radio St Johns, MI Nite Wolf added to Playist

“Hello Danny Vash & Nite Wolf -- Your music has been pre-screened and approved. We'll try to add you to our playlist and review page in the coming weeks. Thanks! NTROradio St Johns,Michigan” - NTRO radio http://ntroradio.com

Tune to Pika Radio Colorado to Rock Out to Nite Wolf

“Hello Danny Vash & Nite Wolf--Your music has been pre-screened and approved. We'll try to add you to our playlist or review page in the coming weeks. Thanks! Pika Radio” http://www.pikaradio.com

DJ Remix of NW song 'Memory of Me' Spun on WLDN Radio London 4/25 @9pm

“Dear Danny Vash & Nite Wolf, Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your original studio track and remix for ‘Memory Of Me’ were sent yesterday to another 1000 international DJ’s in the Akademia network. This means even more DJ’s will review your track and potentially incorporate it into their music program at clubs, festivals and raves. We will continue to monitor any feedback or comments received from the DJ’s and keep you informed. But there’s more good news to report. Following a discussion with the program director from WLDN Radio London, we are pleased to inform you that the remix of your song ‘Memory Of Me’ will be spun on their Saturday night 9 PM mix show starting April 25th! This is in addition to the remix of your song currently being featured on other radio mix shows. Be sure to tune in to hear your song being spun to hundreds of thousands of listeners. Congratulations on your continued success. Kind regards, The Akademia” http://www.wldn-radio.com/news/danny_vash__nite_wolf

Danny Vash & Nite Wolf Currently Playing on the Following Radio Stations!

AMP FM Radio- Tampa, Florida USA www.amp-radio.com/tampa; AMP FM Radio- Melbourne, Australia www.amp-radio.com/melbourne; AMP FM Radio- Lima, Peru www.amp-radio.com/lima; AMP FM Radio- Casablanca, Morocco www.amp-radio.com/casablanca; AMP FM Radio- Alexandria, Egypt www.amp-radio.com/alexandria Rocker's Dive Radio-Webster, WI www.liveonlineradio.net/usa/rockers-dive-radio.htm Vibe FM Radio Detroit, Michigan USA www.vibefmradio.com/detroit Vibe FM Radio Toronto, Canada www.vibefmradio.com/toronto Vibe FM Radio Mexico City, Mexico www.vibefmradio.com/mexicocity Vibe FM Radio Madrid, Spain www.vibefmradio.com/madrid Vibe FM Radio Dubai, United Arab Emirates www.vibefmradio.com/dubai Jam FM Radio Phildelphia, Pennsylvania USA www.jam-radio.com/philadelphia Jam FM Radio Seattle, Washington USA www.jam-radio.com/seattle Jam FM Radio Moscow, Russia www.jam-radio.com/moscow Jam FM Radio Bangkok, Thailand www.jam-radio.com/bangkok Jam FM Radio Sao Paulo, Brazil www.jamradio.com/saopaulo A-Pulse Radio- Atlanta, Georgia Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/atlantaC-Pulse Radio- Capetown, South Africa Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/capetown J-Pulse Radio- Jakarta, Indonesia Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/jakarta M-Pulse Radio- Mumbai, India Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/mumbai S-Pulse Radio- Seoul, South Korea Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/seoul Hot FM- KHTL Radio Los Angeles, California USA www.hotfm-radio.com/losangeles Hot FM- KHTP Radio Phoenix, Arizona USA www.hotfm-radio.com/phoenix Hot FM- KHTS Radio Shanghai, China www.hotfm-radio.com/shanghai Hot FM- KHTI Radio Istanbul, Turkey www.hotfm-radio.com/istanbul Hot FM- KHTB Radio Buenos Aires, Argentina www.hotfm-radio.com/buenosaires KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA www.powerfm-radio.com/sanfrancisco KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA www.powerfm-radio.com/boston KPPR Radio Paris, France www.powerfm-radio.com/paris KRPR Radio Rome, Italy www.powerfm-radio.com/rome KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines www.powerfm-radio.com/manila KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA www.kxrl-radio.com KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia www.kedg-radio.com KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA www.khsx-radio.com WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom www.wldn-radio.com WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA www.wmic-radio.com 365 Radio Network http://xtreme365radio.com