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Danny Vash and Nite Wolf / Blog

DJ remix of song ‘Memory of Me’ spun on WMIC Radio Miami Remix Show

“Nite Wolf, Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your original studio track for ‘Memory of Me’ was sent yesterday to another 1000 international DJ’s in the Akademia network. This means even more DJ’s will review your track and potentially incorporate it into their music program at clubs, festivals and raves. We will continue to monitor any feedback or comments received from the DJ’s and keep you informed. But there’s more good news. Following discussions with WMIC Radio (http://wmic-radio.com) Miami‘s Program Director, we are pleased to inform you that the remix of your song ‘Memory of Me’ will be spun on their Friday night 11 PM mix show, starting January 30th! This is in addition to the remix of your song currently being featured on the Friday night mix show on KXRL Radio Los Angeles (http://kxrl-radio.com). Be sure to tune in to hear your song being spun to hundreds of thousands of listeners. Congratulations on your continued success! The Akademia”

Producer Bob Marlette review of Nite Wolf's song 'Hard Life'

“Bob Marlette produced Red Square Black's Square EP, his 1st collab with John 5, David Lee Roth's album DLR Band. Mix of the UK bonus CD of Marilyn Manson's The Last Tour on Earth & Loser. He started producing Black Sabbath,Tony Iommi & Quiet Riot. In the new millennium he became famous for producing hit-records for Saliva, Shinedown, Seether, Filter, & Metalcore band Atreyu, Black Stone Cherry, Bleeker Ridge, Airbourne, Sebastian Bach, and Alice Cooper. ****Bob Marlette to Danny Vash — 08/04/2014 11:38PM EST "there's a bit of fun party rock that i grew up with... made feel young again. not sure that this could cut thru as modern rock but its pretty legit heritage rock which is nothing to sneeze at i'm not sure that this is something we would sign, mainly cuz of the lack of the "modern sound" in question, but we could, if you wanted, take this conversation off line and discuss other options and maybe have alot of fun making a rock record. Lemme kno.- Bob"”

Chris Heintz / Mach 1 Ent. on Nite Wolfs Demo song 'Hooty's East Mountain Tour'

“Feedback from VP Chris Heintz / Mach 1 Ent. on Nite Wolfs Demo song 'Hooty's East Mountain Tour' Quote: Solid throwback rock piece.. Review: Danny thank you for reaching out and submitting. Starting out the mix sounds about demo quality. Nothing too great nothing too bad. The musicianship is solid overall. Definitely some Iron Maiden styles within the track here. Good musicianship overall and technically everything is nicely played.You guys definitely have talent though. Thank you!”

Nite Wolf Feature Artist on Loud N Loaded Promotions

“Loud N Loaded Promotions Each day choose an Artist to feature, Today that Artist is you, 1/25 .... What I do is Tweet you, place you in my Status on Facebook(3)... Reverbnation,My Space, Google, and Pin you at Pinterest. Hope it helps in some way! You can check it out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LoudNLoaded Kathy”

TheBoxFM, Nite Wolf music added to The Box FM Spain

“Nite Wolf, Your music has been pre-screened and approved. We'll try to add you to our playlist or review page in the coming weeks.Thanks! TheBoxFM Asturias Spain.” http://www.theboxfm.net

Louis Magnotti A&R/Producer/Engineer Feedback on Nite Wolf Song 'Passion Dreamer

“Louis Magnotti, (King LIV) is a former WBR A&R, recording engineer, & record producer. Louis has worked with composer Luis Resto (Eminem, 50 Cent), producer Majeed Fick (Timbaland, Justin Timberlake), artists A$AP Rocky, Chris Brown & many others. Hey Danny! Thank you so much for your submission! Unfortunately, your submitted material was not quite what I am looking for. You have an immense amount of talent, great lyrics, and a solid melody. Don't let myself nor anyone tell you otherwise. Keep pursuing your dreams and writing more songs! I'd love to hear more from you when you get other songs recorded! If you need any mixing or anything else in the future please e-mail me for more information! I'd love to speak to you if you're interested. Thank you! L PS: Super tight groove! Can't use currently but we're keeping this one.”

Nite Wolf song 'Memory of Me' added to 5 Jam FM Radio Network

Nite Wolf, It appears that congratulations are in order! We have been informed that your song ‘Memory Of Me’ continued to receive an increasingly strong listener response in its latest month of heavy rotation on numerous stations. This is great news! But there’s more good news. We recently met with program directors from the Jam FM Radio Network and are pleased to inform you that we've secured rotation for your song ‘Memory Of Me’ on five new stations effective January 1st: Jam FM Radio Phildelphia, Pennsylvania USA www.jam-radio.com/philadelphia; Jam FM Radio Seattle, Washington USA www.jam-radio.com/seattle; Jam FM Radio Moscow, Russia www.jam-radio.com/moscow; Jam FM Radio Bangkok, Thailand www.jam-radio.com/bangkok; Jam FM Radio Sao Paulo, Brazil www.jam radio.com/saopaulo. Congratulations, again, on your success, The Akademia Radio Division

Nite Wolf airplay on Flying V Radio Massena, New York

Dear Danny Vash & Nite Wolf, We've listened to your music and we're happy to inform you that your music is pre-approved for airplay on Flying V Radio Massena, New York . We'll try adding your song(s) to our playlist in the coming weeks! http://tunein.com/radio/Flying-V-Radio-s206604

The Curvy Metalhead Show Radio program Wisconsin

Hello Danny Vash & Nite Wolf -- Your music has been accepted for The Curvy Metalhead Show Radio program Wisconsin. http://www.youtube.com/blasianquita

Nite Wolf songs added to Rock Velvet Radio!

“Dear Nite Wolf, We've listened to your music and we're happy to inform you that your music is pre-approved for airplay. We'll be adding your song to our playlist in the coming weeks! Best Regards, On behalf of Rockvelvet.gr” http://www.rockvelvet.gr