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Steve Kaynan / Blog

New album! {re-recorded some of the older songs!}

Hey all! A little over a year ago I made a post about some older original songs that I wrote and recorded and never released. The last 6 months, I re-recorded some of those entirely and have been mixing them. Between my gig and teaching schedule the last year, this project has been getting complete within' any down time between! Mixing this has turned into a project within' a project! Though, I am very pleased with the results! These new versions blow away the home recording demo versions from 2008-2009! I shared some of those demo versions 6 months ago and took them off when I started re-recording them! I changed some of the arrangements and made some of the riffs more staccato etc. "Isla Nublar," and Till The End" sound way better!!! I made the songs a bit longer and had to re-record eight of the songs altogether because the older versions had clips and peaks on the snare drums and I couldn't mix any of the songs! Thank's to my great friend Tony for the awesome drumming when we started recording last September! Yes, this is another solo project, because they are my original songs, and I want them released. In the future, I may consider writing originals in a band situation with other musicians who can contribute and co-write songs from scratch. If I can find a situation like that, I will think it over, but right now this is my focus. This is a big step from my first album, and shows more growth in my overall writing and playing! This will have a combination of new recordings and older recordings that didn't need to be re-recorded! I've been reluctant to share any songs until everything's mixed and mastered, hopefully this week it will all be done! Carpe Diem!

New album!

Hey all! I'm happy to announce that I have a second album coming out! {as I mentioned in my last blog} stuff from 2001-2010. I've put up clips and some of the songs on my Reverbnation page the last few months. I'm also playing in East Side Rock with a very busy gigging schedule, and teaching at Rockstar Music! It's going great, and ESR is playing very nice clubs, which has been awesome! {Traders New Smyrna, Dexters, Cafe Murano etc.} and I've made some great friends! The album should be available by Fall! With my schedule, I'm getting these songs re-mixed and mastered when I can! ESR took off this coming Fri & Sat, so I will get most of it done! When I went through my library of old songs that I wrote, I hadn't heard a lot of those songs since I wrote it, recorded, then went on to the next thing. A lot of the stuff I'm impressed with, and some things I listen back and say to myself "what was I thinking???"lol But I think people will get a kick out of it! I was tempted to re-record everything, but I think some of the electronic drum sounds are cool, and people can see how my playing has changed over the years! So, just an insight of the new album! Then, I will write and record all brand new current material for 2015! Carpe Diem!

Original songs from 2001- 2008!

Greetings! I went through some cases I had stored of cd's and files of original songs I had written and recorded, dating as far back as 2001 {when I was a junior in high school!} up to 2008! Dozens of original songs I had written, recorded, then put on the shelf, stored, and never listened to again! I posted one on the page, for now named "2001 Original song 1." I remember writing and recording this in my dad's studio when I was 17. Very cool and very funny to listen to this 13 years later!!! Plenty more where it came from! I plan on making another album, this one being a compilation of these songs from this era from 2001-2008! I'll pick like 12 of the best ones! For now enjoy the one on the page! Carpe Diem!

New interview 10/2012...

Here's an interview I did with Scott Thomas from "Guitarz Forever." Scott is a hard workin' guy and is doing a lot to keep the guitar community goin'! Check out this interview and also check out his website for updates! Plus, more show dates have been added for BAR FLY, so check the show schedule and come see us when we are in your part of town! Carpe Diem!!!


A year after its release, my album finally got some airplay!!!!

Got some more airplay tonight on Rockdefradio {New Jersey}. They played "What You Need" earlier this week, "Garden Of Delusion" yesterday and tonight, and they talked about me after the song tonight! They told me to call in on the show tomorrow night at 10pm! Everyone check it out, and listen to me make a complete ass out of myself!!! They play REAL rock- Ozzy, Van Halen, AC/DC, Alice In Chains etc. You can listen at http://www.rockdefradio.com/

Old demo songs added to playlist

Today I found a bunch of cd's of songs I've recorded....before I even graduated high school, in 2002! Check em' out....if you can get past my bad drumming!!!lol I played all the instruments, just like my first real album that came out last year. Safe to say my guitar playing {and drumming} has improved since 2002, but not bad for a 17, or 18 year old! The songs I uploaded are from my 2002 "Demos From Hell" mp3.com demo cd that I made after Bong Water Taffy went hiatus! "The Raven" was written and recorded in HS on a cheap Fostex 4 track. If I remember correctly, I played a Roland v-drum electronic drum kit, and my guitar and bass went direct into a Line 6 pod! There are 4 albums worth of material that I have lying around, "Demos From Hell" being one of the oldest. At the moment, I might re-release this album on my own label and put in on Itunes worldwide etc or re-record the whole record and make that my sophmore solo album cause there are some melodies and song ideas on these demos that I'm proud of. Anyways, enjoy the old recordings...if you can get past my drumming!!!

Tons of new shows added!

Happy to announce that I'll be the guitarist for THE SHOTSKIS JAM NIGHT BAND every Tuesday nights starting in May at Shotskis in W. Springs!

Please note- THE SHOTSKIS JAM NIGHT BAND will not interfere with BAR FLY. BAR FLY will continue to do gigs Fri, Sat, Wed, & Thursdays etc.

Debut album now available on Favored Nations/Digital Nations

To purchase the new album and/or see artist profile go to http://www.digital-nations.com/artists/stevekaynan

New debut album, available now on Amazon!

You can get the album here!


The new album will also be available on itunes soon! Stay posted!