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Jack's Joy / Blog


Thanks to Will from WMD for endorsing us again. He sent us a modified WMD Geiger Counter! Looking forward to seeing this get some use with the great James Hicks on bass! Also looking forward to getting a TWA Great Divide put to use: http://www.godlyke.com/discount-xmas-2011/great-divide-2-analog-synth-octaver


Yes...it is simply amazing to see people constantly checking out our crackass, jacked-up samples that will soon be songs in the studio. Despite few updates, we are working diligently towards getting our music refined and finished to get in a studio this spring. Thanks for your support! Can't wait to get something to you in the near future!!!

Multiple Tunings?

Um...wrote a couple songs with differently tuned guitars. Hmm...time to transpose...I suppose...


True bypass looping...process IA slots....preset holders...scripts.... song mode....

Any idea what this means? Yeah, I really don't either. Just hacking through it.

Yeah. We're getting there...

Had a great night with Chad and Morgan working some songs down. Going slow, but I'm excited about the potential of these songs. These guys have a real 'ear' for what a song should sound like. Probably the best stuff we've ever done. Pushing the limits of what we can all do, but I'm excited about what it will be :) -Taylor

Buffers. Yep. You need em'

Finally figured out how to buffer the effects in my loop to provide consistent levels between the 20+ effects I use. Good news....should sound more balanced in a live situation. Finally!

New scratch tracks coming

Got most of RAGE completed as well as a self-titled 10 minute song sketched. Also have a new one that is sketched with guitars and drums going up soon. All junk outlines for now, but going to complete the sketches of an entire album before the songs are worked down and recorded professionally at a local studio (8 Houses Down, Arsenal or Flatline Audio).

BAH! Recording stinks...

...so after spending a couple months learning how to use budget-friendly recording software, I have decided to take the plunge and start using some higher-end stuff. I was using MIxcraft 5, which is great for getting ideas down quickly. However, it continues to crash on me and corrupt all of the songs that I've been creating for months. Thus, I'm forced to move on and try to get something that is more stable. Hopefully, Cubase 6 will do what I need. I'm not looking forward to learning the ins and outs of new software though!