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New Shows Available

Nearly 30 shows are available for FREE downloads or streaming on Live Archive.Org. Check out this recording from Byron's in Pomeroy, Ia. which includes several songs never before attempted. It's all in the magic of Byron's. Give it a listen and it is easy to see why this is one of our favorite stops in the country.


Hope you enjoy, and be sure to support Byron's in Pomeroy, Ia. the home of good music.

Winter Tour

So Far Winter Tour has started off with a bang! The Rock Shop in Fayetteville had a tremendous, energetic crowd and the other bands absolutely killed it! Be sure to check out the music of Socks & Ankles, Clockwork Kids, and Lotus Sun you will be glad you did. Keep your eyes open for their shows near you as well. The next 2 nights were spent in Charlotte where we played 2 shows @ Roux in NoDa. We also spent a few hours playing Widespread Panic's lot the afternoon of New Years Eve, always a wonderful time with awesome energy and loads of Love! New Years Eve was topped off @ Roux with our good friends Moses Jones and Electric Soul Pandemic ( ESP )! The place was slammed wall to wall and stage to door with everyone shaking their bones and tremendous crowd participation throughout the night. Google Moses Jones and Electric Soul Pandemic ( if you would care to have your mind blown ). Last night found us at The Bathtub Gin in Mooresville, NC with a few of us joining in the Gin Jam. Tomorrow we are back at the Bathtub Gin playing an acoustic set as Unkle Dad. The next show will be another Unkle Dad set in johnson City, Tn. at the Acoustic Coffee House. We then travel to Lawrence,Ks for another grassy set ( this time billed as SpongeCake & The Fluff Ramblers ) @ The Bottleneck. We then have shows in KC, Columbia,and St. Joe Missouri. Ft. Dodge and Des Moines, Iowa. St. Paul, Minn., Sioux Falls, SD., Omaha, Ne., Denver, Co., Laramie, Wy., Moscow, ID., Leavenworth and Olympia, Wa., Portland, Or., Reno, NV., Flagstaff, AZ., Tampa and Jacksonville, FL., and on and on and on!!! Check reverbnation or jambase often to see when we are in your area! Love you all and see you on tour!

High Seas Jamboree Line-UP

The High Seas Jamboree line-up consist of the following bands. SpongeCake & The Fluff Ramblers, Case Federal & The Agents, Flux Capacitor, The Flight Of The Lemmings, and Uncle Dad. There will be 4 nights of music with a rotating line-up and a few mixed jams. We are currently working on a very special guest, hopefully more details will follow soon. Now is the time to reserve your cabins. Visit http://www.fancruises.com for tix and more info. See you on the ship!

The High Seas Jamboree

We will be playing The High Seas Jamboree with 3 other bands aboard Carnival Cruise Lines on a 5 night Bahama cruise. The ship will depart Port Canaveral Fla. on April 14th 2012 and return April 19th with 3 stops,Key West, Nassau,and Freeport.All tix must be purchased through Fan Cruises.Full line-up and pricing will be announced soon. This will be a very affordable cruise with a limited number of tix available.Stay tuned for info and make your resevations early. 5 nights with 4 nights music, 4 bands with a rotating line-up as well as mixed jams, 3 ports,1 Fantastic Journey! See you on The High Seas !

Looks like we may just be having our own little Jam Cruise kiddies!!

More details will be coming very soon, but here is what we are looking at doing. Either a 4 night 5 day or a 5 night 6 day Bahama Cruise sailing out of Jax Fla. Hopefully returning to port on April 21st or 22nd. We are looking to have 3-5 other bands participate with music 12 hours or more each day at sea! The cruise will be on Carnival Cruise Lines and the music packages will be available through Fan Cruises. We will be releasing all the details as they become available, exact cruise dates, bands performing,package prices and purchasing info. This info will all be posted very soon to allow everyone ample time to plan, make deposits, obtain passports, etc. This is going to be a cruise to write home to momma about. Ships have picked up the astronauts when they returned from space, but this will be the first time a ship will cruise into space! Stay tuned, tell your friends,reserve your spot, only a limited # of packages will be available. See ya on the Seas!

It's Homecoming Tonight Kiddies

It has been a couple months, but SpongeCake and the Fluff Ramblers are coming back to the Bathtub Gin tonight 8/20/11 for an all out musical frenzy. The Gin is our home field and we love our hometown fans!! As an added bonus Sticky Rythm starts the night off with some Thick Nasty Jams.Spongecake will then close out the evening with a little impromptu Space Funk!!!!

The Scene ( meant to post yesterday )

The Scene : By SpongeCake and the Fluff Ramblers

I was raised in a parking lot selling grilled cheese, taking microdots listening to the music Jerry used to play

Going where ever I pleased Changing my direction with the changing breeze Letting all the music chase my blues away

Riding round in an old school bus Locals use to point, sometimes laugh at us But we never did care bout them locals anyway

Traveling all across this land Selling our wares just to see the band Feel emotions risng as the music starts to play

It must have been several hundred shows Going everywhere that the band would go But then one day the whole scene went away

That's the day that Jerry Died August 9th of 1995 We all sat down and cried don't fade away

Please don't fade away

St. Augustine Is Incredible!!!!

St.Augustine was truely the highpoint of the tour so far. The vibe was as chill as the sun was hot. Fresh from a remarkably tight show @ Shakedown Street ( 2500 Hillsborough St. Raleigh ) we set up shop and picked up right where we left off 2 days earlier. The crowd was awesome, it is always warming to look up and see the masses shaking their bones, taking pics, and recording. Your energy is a major ingrediant in our musical stew! We greatly appreciate all your generosity and support !! The only downside to the whole night was the early curfew. The upside to the curfew however, ( and bands take note ) when several hundred people are dancing holes in the ground and they shut you down... merch sales go through the roof!! We sold out of the Beandawg sets, as well as several single cds , shirts,and such. For those of you that bought music, Thank You many times over and please burn it and pass it on.We also would like to thank the St. Augustine's finest for being so kind all day and helping to make the day enjoyable for all. Once again St. Augustine, Thank You For A Real Good Time!!!

Happenings From The Road

To say the least tour has been eventful, interesting and trying. We have had alot of fun as well as some dissapointing times. Philly was a bummer!! 1st the inspectors shut us down ( no peddler permits ) , until a nearby lawyer came to our rescue by telleing the chief inspector the statute. The police where the next to make us pack up our gear, however, being told we had inspector hands blessing, we again began setting up. Finally, the representative from the Mann Center showed with the police and our new found lawyer was on a walk about . None the less, we managed to make a little cash and had the time of our lives shooting a scene remake from Up In Smoke on a busy Philly street. Hopefully you can find that video here http://youtu.be/X3qO1ziRLn0

The next day in New Jersey was everthing lot should be. There was a very nice Shakedown Street set up with us playing at the top. The lot raged all day and we moved a little merch. The Jersey Highway Patrol even got one of our cds. After a long hot day playing, we packed and headed for Brooklyn.

The people in Brooklyn were great and the venue was awesome! We also finally got a descent band picture. We then headed for Wilmington, NC. for another incredibly cool venue with wonderful people that know how to take care of musicians.

Next time maybe we will get into all the hurdles, but that will be a book not a blog!! See everyone in Raleigh tomorrow.


Your Challenge ... Should You Except It

ok ... here is the deal. Somebody ... meaning one of you. Needs to be the first to start a SpongeCake and the Fluff Ramblers Wiki definition. It has to be from someone outside the band. The first one sets the definition and the tone and people can build on it from there. If nothing else it should make for some very unusual and fun defintions, since we don't even know what constitutes a Fluff Rambler. Good Luck on this most interesting challenge. Ramble on !!