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Jamming in Long Beach, California

Jamming 'Leave That Girl Alone' with Marc Ford adding some class to my thrashing!



Now available in Japan.


Classic Rock worldwide video premiere

Not bad. Over 1,400 plays and 1,200 'likes' in a week. Thanks to everyone for helping keeping it possible to make music for you. Please keep sharing!


Gwyn Ashton in Worcester - Radiogram 2014 Tour

Tonight I'll be churning out some pretty sleazy blues and hitting the stage at the Crown Inn, St Johns, Worcester from around 9. Hope to see yas there.

Gwyn Ashton Radiogram Tour 2014

UK stuff. Off to play The Den in Harrogate tonight, Crown Inn, St Johns, Worcester tomorrow and The Talbot in Bewdley on Sunday from 3-6.

Then next week off to tour Czech Republic and Slovakia for 26 nights on the trot!


Gwyn Ashton feat. Robbie Blunt - 'Fortunate Kind'

The video of Fab Tone Records latest Gwyn Ashton single Fortunate Kind is being exclusively premiered on the Classic Rock website and we'd like you all to share this around and if you like it, please purchase the track from iTunes, Amazon etc.

The third single from Welsh / Australian songwriter, axesmith Gwyn Ashton’s Radiogram album sees a collaboration with ex Robert Plant, Clannad, Bronco and Silverhead guitarist Robbie Blunt. Together they intertwine beautifully sculptured solos with Ashton on Weissenborn lap slide guitar and Blunt on lead duties. Ashton lured the composer of ‘Big Log’ out of hiatus, after his stints with artists such as Tom Petty and Deborah Bonham, with a track that he couldn’t resist. Magnum's Mark Stanway supplies organ to the track with ex UB40 and Culture Club singer Mo Birch on backing vocals.

Penned on a train journey across Germany on a newly-purchased guitar bought in a local music store, Fortunate Kind is a rootsy, Americana-styled track, lamenting Ashton's homeland of Australia and was filmed in the middle of the Worcestershire floods in Feb 2014. A slight departure from Ashton's harder blues, it's a soulful, haunting ballad that no country, blues and rock music fan should pass up.


Poland 2014

Look out Poland. Gonna get lowdown, dirty, rockin' and blues-E-fied this week with Lukasz Gorczyca holding down the lows and Tomek Dominik on panel beating duties. We'll be doing a cross-section of material from all my albums and we'll have plenty of road-stuff to sell you all. Come on out and getcha kicks!

Tour starts Thursday. Some of the dates have changed, so please mark them in your diaries!

14 - Poland, Darłowo 15 - Poland, Ostróda (Zamek) 16 - Poland, Aleksandrow Kujawski 17 - Poland, Torun, Hard Rock Pub Pamela 19 - Poland, Mogilno 20 - Poland, Kozmin Wielkopolski 21 - Poland, Grodków (Blues Party) 22 - Poland, Sława 23 - Poland, Kelce

Gig report - Nov 29

Had a great gig last night. My solo show is getting great raves now that I've revved it up a tad and thrown in a bass drum to replace my stomp board, which I still use for acoustic shows. In fact the general consensus seems to be a leaning towards my solo show and away from a band format by venue owners and even the bar staff of a lot of gigs now.

Vince Neads popped in and joined me on a couple blues numbers and it was really cool to have Tony McPhee, from the great British blues band The Groundhogs n the audience.

Fistful Of Blues

Well, my EP Fistful Of Blues is available for downloading but I've also got hard copies that you can only get through me or at my gigs. Be one of the cool people and grab a copy for £5.00 GBP + postage (not a lot)!

New Gwyn Ashton single and video

Our downloadable single, 'Little Girl', will be out this week on iTunes. Please check out our vid here, hit a coupla 'like' buttons, vote, share and Tweet!

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