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!Alert: Rocboi Studio Session

Its about to get real serious and I'm going for the jugular . Everybody shouting out major brand names, so I couldn't resist. All I'm saying is I'm on my Don Corleone. Do the research. Check back in a few weeks.


Hood Metal....

So you're saying to yourself, "What the fuck is Hood Metal"? The truth is I grew up on that street and thrash metal shit. Music that fed me when I was angry at the world around me. Pissed off that trust, love and security was all a fantasy and family could destroy you more than the bullshit words "Blood Is Thicker Than Water". I'm hip-hop and a metal head on pure nitro and my music will have it bits and pieces of the garbage I connected with throughout the years. Expect rawness and realness in here, even if it sounds "Poppy", sometimes you gotta sweeten the poison. Underneath it all is a beast and it comes out when I'm pushed to the edge. At the end of the day it's all music and I embrace love and especially hate....its MEAT. Take the ride but don't fasten your seat belt.

Rocboi (Hood.Metal.R&B)

"Most of these artists are 1,2,3 dimensional and that's Ok. I'm inter-dimensional, you should research that thoroughly."

venil  (7 months ago)

love it!

New Music Coming "2013"

New releases scheduled this year. Stay tuned for more details.