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Stoneface Honey / Blog

Friday, November 21st at 9pm

Hey, everyone. We're really looking forward to tomorrow night's show at Buffalo Gap Saloon & Eatery. Stoneface Honey plays at 9pm and is followed by the fantastic upcoming local band, Ghosts Like Us. Come celebrate your Friday night with us!

Congratulations to today's winner

Congrats to today's winner: Michael from Charleston, West Virginia. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Win a copy of our new CD

Drections to win a copy of our new CD. Check out our website: http://www.stonefacehoney.com.hostbaby.com and go to our blog for directions. Good luck!

Jade Lounge Tonight

Angie Kopshy is joining Andrew Shepard and Brian McGinty tonight at the Jade Lounge for a Songwriter Circle from 7-10pm.

Missy Higgins at The Wonder Ballroom

So I’m a big fan of Missy Higgins. In fact, I cover three of her tunes. Of course I had to see her performance at The Wonder Ballroom - one of my favorite venues in town. And I was expecting to have a good time, but was most definitely not prepared for the Three Powerful Chicks that rocked the stage tonight.

The show opened with Butterfly Boucher. Besides being ridiculously talented and gorgeous, what I was most impressed with was Butterfly’s stamina. She was on stage all night and didn’t even look like she was sweating or tired at the end.

The second act was Katie Herzig, who rocked the stage with her incredible voice and energetic music. Towards the end, she brought Missy out for a couple collaborative pieces.

Finally, Missy hit the stage with her ridiculously talented group of musicians. Much to my delight, they started with one of my favorites ‘Secret’ – slow and sexy and incredibly rich with all the instrumentation and vocal backing. By the end of the night, she’d played all of the songs Stoneface Honey covers and ended the night with one of most popular new tunes. We were surprised by the fact that they really left the stage for good and didn’t return for an encore at the end. But it was really, REALLY hot in there! Peter even started a little strip tease at one point. Thank you, Peter.

What I love most about Missy Higgins is that she is real. Hearing about her experience, her doubts, her need to explore a world outside of music and ultimately rediscover her niche within music…it was amazing. And affirming. She connects with the audience, is tiny and adorable, writes meaningful music that also happens to be beautiful and catchy, and fills the room with incredibly tasteful instrumentation and rich harmonies. Everyone was singing. Stoneface Honey has the same make up – two women and three men, so the night was not only hot and sweaty and refreshing as I became acquainted with the adorable couple next to me from Vancouver, BC. But the night was really, REALLY inspiring. Thank you, Missy!

Missy Higgins (Photo credit: Devar) P.S. My phone appears to be refusing to take pictures, so I borrowed some from Word Press’s media gallery. But I’m sure there are many, many pictures out there from tonight – it was a camera happy crowd!

Our latest addition

Stoneface Honey is excited to announce our latest addition: Pinky Mack. She plays both upright and electric bass. We're rehearsing hard for our next gig on August 25th at Sellwood Public House. Come meet her!

Raising funds for my CD...take 3!

Someone suggested indiegogo, so I'm giving it a shot. I'd love your support - even if it's just by passing along the message! Thank you! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/175865?a=891572

Raising money for my new CD

Thank you to all of you out there supporting Stoneface Honey. We're wrapping up our CD and need to raise some funds, so created this kickstarter project. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1816154766/help-support-our-stoneface-honey-cd-project

The integration of musicians

Tonight I had the opportunity to sit in while a bluegrass band laid down tracks for their latest project. I'd never heard the songs before, but began to appreciate them more and more as more tracks were added and I became more familiar with the layout of the pieces. And I realized how important it is to collaborate with other musicians - to enable each of them the opportunity to explore and create their best interpretation of brilliance for a song. It was beautiful and ridiculously inspiring.

New CD is being created

So I started writing songs for this CD in 2009. I started recording in 2011 and hope to release in May of 2012. Stay tuned!